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strangers, free website, fun parody destruction, apocalyptic fiction and it's all-amateur, except you can't see it, and it doesn't have a point?? but if you search forever you can really escape the maze?? NO that makes no sense. maze is fun, we love to be inside ...
strangers by class
what does 'class' mean?
"Class" is one of many ways of categorizing strains into different groups.
strains that relate to hunting or ruling.
strains whose pointed heads "erase".
strains that relate to drawings or outlines.
strains that loosely resemble the ladroni.
strains with a specific relation to human body parts.
strains relating to hands, or contructed by hands.
strains whose bodies are more like objects.
strains that seem to act with malice or ill-will.
deprecated classes
austral, betrayer, blank, conscriptor, defective, nullifier, messenger, radial, spare, stabilizer, substantive, suitor, supervisor
unused classes
adaptive, adjudicate, advocate, byzantine, co-inoculant, consecutive, constructive, determinate, directive, elector/elective, formal, function, maladaptive, mosaic, partisan, procedural, sovereign
your mouth's already watering
sounds like a dream, an endless parade of illusions
they're not animals, they're not people – they're not even alive, but they're here now for you, and we have hundreds, thousands waiting for you to do whatever you want to them...
it's never too late for a poodle, when you can buy poodles over the internet!
shhh!!! that's thousands of options... unlimited guarantees on poodle installment plans!
Stability ... it's not easy to find, is it?
why did they make it so hard?? if you're feeling blue, trapped in hell, we can help! refinance your dreams for a new future...
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