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the eyes wont go down...
hi its valeks again and i have a follow up question!
how do you make its eye go down?? i have tried water. i have tried turning up the temperature. i have tried it all kinds of food except for all artificial foods. i have tried some swears. i have tried mr. vitamin. i have put it near: a yellow light, four sizes of boxes, and some pieces of both chalk and the new kind of chalk. i have tried bringing in a friend. i have tried scaring it!! i tried reading the back cover of a magazine. i just want it to go down!! i think i should be allowed to ask a questions whenever like this if it'll help us learn how to document these strains.
if you think that you can help me out please message me im valeks!!!
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

are these "tasty ingredients" really...
made out of something gross?
don't you want this to stop?
they made a secret game in Japan...on a phone you never knew existed... and no one wanted to tell YOU?? but the whole story happened behind your back... »