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favorite stranger
condroni because they're soooooo mysterious i want to meet one someday...
identity theft is no joke
he's out there now... sleeping in your bed... messing up your stuff ... do you have an imposter??
SNAIL mail, that's so slow and SLIMY too?
don't get left behind in the "slug's lane", join the super highway of information, where "you could be online" !!!
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i want to learn some of the interesting facts about strangers!
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eating a pickle
the first thing people usually notice about me
im valeks!!
first sensitive experience
i was 12! and i saw an ambidroni! and i gave it a snack!
worst stranger experience
when i asked chuck to hold my favorite merridronel ever in the whole world and he popped it! it was on accident though
what's something most people don't know about you
i was in a medical journal when i was 9! and i just finished my pickle
Bugs ... worms ... they're annoying, right?
DIGITAL worms that is, artificial "animals" infecting your digital life?? we have terrariums and©, observe your changing cyber habitat ­©Ó ©v

you don't know what it is, want it?
maybe it's a spoon? maybe it's a bread? maybe it's a thousand chairs? maybe it's something you've never even heard of before? you'll never know!
they won't tell... but why?? they think you're..a baby??

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it might be weird! it might be scary!
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the eyes wont go down...
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UMMM?? i have a LOT of concerns
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only an empty jar...
FACTS about pickle shortages! don't get left behind!
one weird video will prove you've been doing it wrong for your whole life!!!
you won't believe what this stranger did with 36 old bananas - what happens next might inspire you forever!!