wait !! who's running this clown show ? ±ÆÆ
they won't tell you how fast the microwave plate spins before you bring it home. and you find out: it's not on a ten-second rotation. excuse me that²s messed up?? £ª¾ they wont let you test it in the store ...
wow! so what if it doesn't load...
wow! no money?? what if it doesn't load... but you can... if they won't??

we dont know anything about this strain! it might hurt you!
it might be weird! it might be scary!
well it turns out theres a lot we dont know about these strains. can you help us answer the following questions.
what it does at night! what is it made of! what happens if you spell your name near it! what is its weak spot! what is every single allergy! how many are there. can you pickit up. does it make you want to say swear words. does it make you want to eat a bee!
thank you if you can help me answer any of those questions im valeks!
listed on ▜▘▚▛/▝▞/▗▘ at 8:57AM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

did you know...you might have worms in your computer? so cute! watch them live their lives, make friends and eat tiny toasts that they pick up with their hands!
do you have "that friend"...?
is someone freebasing LZD?? on your APARTMENT STEPS?? that sounds pretty "whack" »