what if you like them...
for the wrong reasons?
bananas might be a "healthy snack", but what if...? your friends might be laughing when you eat so many, do you want to find out why?
so, we heard you're autistic...
trains! trains?? TRAINS!
so many trains, schedules, organized and rigid starting and stopping, tiny miniatures, rhythmic sounds, gentle and relaxing swaying, many ways to categorize, trains around the world, cars connected in a line, predictable and safe, look at them move, we have TRAINS!!!

targeted, targeted, you're! »Å ª¡
and everyone wants a matching stranger!?? don't you...»ºÞ¶¢¨?
UMMM?? i have a LOT of concerns
My first concern is what does this mean. My second concern is that I think this seems bad?? I DONT like it and basically need a sensitive who can make it go someplace really really hard to find and far away, preferrably you have a car ! It is VERY big by the way, it WILL take up the entire backseat and it smells soo stinky
UPDATE: it died on its own it was filled with a sponge btw
listed on ▗▛▙▛/▟▘/▝▜ at 07:09AM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

the information superhighway ...
don't get lost on the information superhighway, you're going too fast, how to avoid information overload, crashes, don't get veered off course, reasons to fear the information superhighway
more computer worms??
that's right, these digital friends looked at all of your files...and they don't mind what they saw!