the Sympathists
prefix bule suffix droni
bannec bannec
5 ft, 10 in
11 ft, 4 in
1,170 lbs
size variance
core temp.
2,480 years
no. appearing
1 (25%) / 2-8 (75%)
physical appearance
The buledroni /ˈbjuːələdroʊni/ is a rotund, pale stranger. Like the ladroni, lacks hind legs and instead pulls itself forward on its short, thick arms (numbering up to three pairs). Its clammy skin is smooth, its body cavity filled with a thick, white fat. The buledroni is notable for the "eyelids" that cover its grey, glaucoma-covered eye markings. These eye markings ooze a clear fluid identical to human tears, giving the stranger its distinct "crying salt water" odor.
The buledroni requires partial submersion in water to stay alive, and dies when it dries up. Despite this link to water, it is unable to swim, and drowns when its head is submerged for more than forty-five seconds. Although unvulnerable to temperatures (neither burning, nor freezing), it does shiver when exposed to extremes. Its regenerative ability is poor, but present (taking several months for cuts and gashes to close up), with minimal scarring, though healed areas tend to be softer and more vulnerable to further injury.
The buledroni possesses no language, and speaks only through its soft and sobbing voice that echoes in somber near-melodies. Half of buledroni speak with a voice that is higher in pitch, while the remaining fifty percent have a deeper voice.
defeated sobbing, with spans of heaving.
environment and generation
The buledroni appears in small bodies of water, and is most often found half-submerged in fountains, ponds, or slow-moving rivers. It is more likely to appear in foggy or misty areas, where it starts off as a shapeless white cloud that coalesces to form the buledroni's body over a period of seven hours.
The buledroni appears in groups 75% of the time.
generative habitat notes
observed 25/04/24 at Akram Zenti Memorial (fountain)
notable factors
1. fountain (large enough to hold three cars)
2. statue of man on horseback, one foot raised
3. ankle-deep water (with strong chlorine odor)
4. locked metal unit, faint clanking inside
5. various bushes and flowerbeds
(flowers snapped off and placed back upon the steps)
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The buledroni's disposition is perpetually mournful. It spends most of its life motionless, sobbing into its palms, with its head pointed downward. When it is not crying to itself, it drags itself forward in listless heaves, or dips its hands into the water around it. Groups of buledroni congregate in circular or linear formations, where they hold each other, neither comforting, nor exacerbating each other's sorrows.
The buledroni appears particularly distressed by images of people, and always cries when exposed to this visual stimulus. A buledroni which lives near large billboards of human faces, for example, never stops crying, its life shortened by this constant melancholic stress.
The buledroni is calmed by fish, and strokes their heads or sides as they swim by. In their presence, 0.07% of buledroni create duplicates of dead fish inside their own bodies. This response proves ultimately fatal; as the corpses decompose, the buledroni's own surrounding flesh rots with it.
interactions with sensitives
The buledroni reaches its arms out towards any sensitive who comes within reach, and holds them against its body, as though comforting or consoling them. It continues to do this until the sensitive moves away. The buledroni makes no attempts to hold onto unwilling sensitives, and instead sniffles, then wails, its head turning downward with disappointment once a sensitive makes their disinterest apparent.
The buledroni's presence stimulates the productions of tears in a sensitive, the rate of which varies between individuals. Some sensitives experience only a slight watering of the eyes, while others others cry cascades down their cheeks in unending streams.
The buledroni is weaker than a human being, and non-aggressive. When attacked, it makes no attempt to defend itself. Instead, it buries its face in its palms, or reaches out to stroke its attacker with gentle forgiveness. The stranger displays resistance only when its eyelids are pulled open, and it pushes at its attacker with futile shoves, too weak to stop this encroachment, let alone do any harm.
CertainЉ sensitive individuals cause the buledroni to turn its head away, although there is no discernible criteria by which these individuals are selected.
Љ You like it, right? Feeling special.
Although the buledroni is a member of the predator class of strangers, it lacks the aggressive tendencies of its companions. This does not mean that it should be considered harmless, however – rather, although the buledroni may be as prone to brutality as the other strangers in its class, the conditions for these tendencies are so specific that no normal interactions will ever trigger such a response.
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It's harmless and kind of sad. Walk up to it and it'll try to hug you! This is great if you think it's comforting to be hugged by a big clammy thing that's too slippery to hold ....but since its presence really does turn the waterworks on, turns out that you might end up hugging it anyway! It doesn't really make you sad but it's kind of cathartic. Everyone needs a good cry session now and then! You can take it out of water if you want to kill it but it won't make you feel strong, you don't need to be killing these depressed blobby things to make yourself feel like you're the top dog, it actually makes you a wuss. How about using that aggression to take down a really dangerous stranger, or write a letter to a politician, or all kinds of stuff!
danger rating: seems alright
will their cries ever be heard?
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▚▞ Although the buledroni is the weakest of the four "legendary humours" that appear in Zeroworld's finale stages, its healing abilities make it popular among competitive players.
Dissections reveal unexpected depression cures
Drone harvesting continues as the extracted bodies yield new treatments for ...
aging and death
The buledroni dies without a fight at the end of its lifespan. Its companions watch as its limp body collapses into the water, then stay at the corpse's side. They whimper, stare, console each other, and do not disperse. As the corpse begins to break apart and decompose, individual buledroni pull off arms or other body parts, and cradle them in their arms, as a careful parent would a tired infant, until these parts grow too soft to hold and melt down into congealed white blobs. They slip away from their companions forever, and dissolve to fog when they touch the water.
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