look what you can do
but don't let your enemies find out!
why won't it do what you want???
you're being disrespected by mean, mean computers?? those mysterious "processing robots" might think they're so smart, but you can put them in their place when you hurt their brain! no more confusing data and big numbers, now you're the only one in charge of doing the thinking! °µ ²] ´C ´²]² ²]
language families
Complex strangers possess their own languages1, which vary in complexity.
Imitative strangers repeat nearby words and sounds in their own voices.
Inhibited strangers speak in a voice too distorted for any words to be discernible.
Though inarticulate strangers possess human-like voices, and may whisper, laugh, or emit other vocal sounds, they do not speak.
Predicative strangers speak using strings of human words or phrases.2 Although statements may appear to have semantic meaning, strains do not respond to human speech.
1 "Havra melishti vra zame li meliavro vutibra."
2 "No, no, no."

Inert strangers speak in tones, creaks, taps, or any one of thousands of non-vocal sounds.
Wild strangers do not speak with human voices, but instead, vocalize with noises that resemble animal sounds.

Reactive strangers "record" sounds in their environment and repeat them, with any range of distortion.
Resonant strangers emit audio received via inaudible signals, such as radio and telephone waves.

Mute strangers emit no audio, aside from sounds produced by physical processes (such as footsteps on the gravel around a washed-down memorial).
true mute
True mute strangers neither speak nor create sound via physical processes (such as metal teeth that pierce through thin metal).
new possibilities await
accidents happen. it's not the end.
so, it's starting to get messy, just because you made a few mistakes. it looks like there's no turning back now...so why don't you make a few more? find out if you like it or not?
oh, what a mess! what a mess, umm, what a mess!
wow...you can talk to..."them"...?
learn a new language??? maybe, why not, that's far out for a prank! amaze your friends with this new trick, when you know what they're saying in a foreign language!
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