a note about the content...
Goodbye Strangers is a work of experimental media aimed at an adult audience. The content of the art and writing, as a whole, contain themes of trauma, sexuality, sexual and physical violence, drug use, and psychological harm. While some sections deal with these themes more explicitly than others, discretion is advised throughout.
flashing images
physical violence
mental trauma
drug use
recommended for computer or tablet
Goodbye Strangers
a novel encyclopedia
what is Goodbye Strangers?

a collection of anthropomorphic anomalies.
a toy you can play with inside your mind.
a real riddle waiting for you to solve.
the trippiest website you've never heard of.
another work of neurodivergent gay metafiction.
a sadistic, pornographic, hardcore thrill ride.
...unlike anything you've ever seen before.
Goodbye Strangers makes a great piece of media for viewers interested in...
semiotics, encyclopedias, language, colors, mental illness, psychedelic drugs, trauma, apocalyptic imagery, games, imagination, zoology, pokémon, systems, outsider art, mazes, lurid displays of graphic debauchery, metafiction, vaporwave, original worldbuilding, riddles, four-dimensional narratives, 90s nostalgia, independent art, symbols, homosexuality, or escaping the delusion parade.
No mattress tactics. No rabbit-in-a-hat tricks. Just that classic Goodbye Strangers madness.
your brand new favorite
is back again.
last updated June 19th, 2022
Getting Started
Otherwise, it's recommended to explore and gradually learn your way around.
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The Story
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The project's distorted history.
A twisted tale of utter depravity.
The various characters that appear in the story.
Comics from the world of Goodbye Strangers.
The Modules
Goodbye Strangers can be explored through modules, with each module acting as a "stand-alone" collection.
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returning soon
returning soon
non-fiction and metaphysics
Essays on Goodbye Strangers, and other subjects.

a personal message before you go...
you're not inside a maze.
...but that shouldn't stop you from losing yourself. have you ever wanted a world where everything could be exactly what you wanted? have you ever dreamt of a brand new reality? have you ever had a secret nightmare you wish could come true? don't delay, act now, and all of this (and more) can be yours, in this mesmerizing, experimental, transgressive multimedia spectacle.
Coming soon, in Goodbye Strangers: VHZ.
...now, how far down do you really want to go?