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Goodbye Strangers is a work of experimental media aimed at an 18+ audience. The content of the art and writing, as a whole, contain themes of trauma, sexuality, sexual and physical violence, drug use, and psychological harm. While some sections deal with these themes more explicitly than others, content is not explicitly tagged in all cases, and discretion is advised throughout.
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physical violence
mental trauma
drug use
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Goodbye Strangers
an experimental novel
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you're not inside a maze.
...but that shouldn't stop you from losing yourself. have you ever wanted a world where everything could be exactly what you wanted? have you ever dreamt of a brand new reality? have you ever had a secret nightmare you wish could come true? don't delay, act now, and all of this (and more) can be yours, in this mesmerizing, experimental, transgressive multimedia spectacle.
Coming soon, in Goodbye Strangers: VHZ.
...now, how far down do you really want to go?