Meaty Mouse she/her is more than just a big spender in the local sensitive community - she's also a household name. After making her start in North Mural's underground hip-hop scene, she found worldwide fame for her audatious stage shows and controversial views. Everyone already knows about her love of fine food and exotic pets – but just what is the fate of the rare strangers brought into her ever-changing menagerie?
clever, selfish, enterprising
hip hop artist, producer
rapping, bargaining
fine dining
weapon of choice
mansion in Harborside
fav. food
any endangered animal
fav. drink
scotch whiskey
hip hop, R&B, bossa nova
the smell of money
fun fact
collects and modifies antique slot machines
feelings towards others
Me and Argona go way back, it was a blast putting on shows at her place!
I think I might have met this guy once – he's some kind of psycholy dealer, right?
Oh, I know all about this guy. why can't he just give up?
The name ain't ringing a bell.
What can I say, she's quite a gal! I wouldn't want to be on her bad side!
Yeah, I like this guy! And he even sorta knows how things are really going on...
Kinda' cold, but it's great to see another woman with ambition!
Is this the kid with the weird eyes? Never met him. Talk about a bad vibe!
Yeah, I don't know who this is.
Oh, we go way back. And if he think he can stand in my way, he's got another thing comin'.
What a phony. At least she stopped mailing me shit.
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
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