Argona Cox
early 30s
sensitive (laminate)
150 lbs
signature color
furious red
screen name
Argona Cox she/her first encountered a stranger when a ganeshidroni murdered her father. Since then, she has studied the generating and stability parameters of strangers, taking advantage of the the warehouse compound she purchased with her inheritance. She first leases out the extra space to other sensitives, but after accidentally killing a known grifter within the community, she finds herself renting out her trapped strangers for use as deadly weapons. But will she be able to get away with murder?
curious, excitable, vengeful
digital scam artist
catfishing, high tolerance to blood and gore
upholstery, carpentry, coupon clipping
weapon of choice
stiletto knife
suburban childhood home
fav. food
fav. drink
Ripe, PhD
metal (speed, thrash), industrial
maps, dollhouses, yard sales
surprises, having to buy food at a non-sale price
fun fact
extremely good accountant
panromantic, asexual (but not sex averse)
feelings towards others
He kind of weirds me out...
He's a friend of mine! he's a little dumb...
He knows how to wrestle, alright! I hope he's not onto me...
I don't want to hear about him!!!
He's pretty chill! He's more Bracey's friend than mine. I'm never sure how to engage with him.
Do you know her??? we would make such a good team!!
Shrug! He's pretty chill, I've been to a few of his parties! he seems a little bit full of himself.
Did you know I hosted a couple of her shows before she got famous? I can't believe people listen to this stuff.
She's basically a supergenius! it's cute how she's so shy! I think we'd be such good friends...
Yeah, she's my girlfriend! we're unstoppable together!
Super nice, he helped me host arts and crafts night once! I think he's up to something, I don't trust him.
They're really cool, I'm glad to have them as a friend! I love that I can totally nerd out with them!
I pretty much have nothing in common with this guy.
She's alright! We go thrifting together :D she does NOT shut up about the most petty drama, though.
sleep setup
antique four-post wooden bed
class background
upper class (inherited her parents' wealth)
income level
slow and steady passive income, with lots of side hustles
preferred underwear
boy shorts
physical insecurity
general tummy area
fav. animal
Triplewart seadevil (Cryptopsaras couesii)
animal they'd be
Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)
fav. movie
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
fav. school subject
science, shop class, home ec.
dream job
not yet unlocked
a drawer full of Scandinavian knockoffs
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
She's glad they're gone. In fact, she wishes she could have been the one to do it instead!
Argona Cox, born Amanda Cox, grows up affluent but ignored in a wealthy suburb of North Mural. At age nineteen, she encounters her first stranger when she is awoken by a noise in the night, and walks in on a ganeshidroni snapping her father's neck. Argona inherits her father's home, as well as his extensive stock portfolio.
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She uses the profit to purchase the East Shadebrook St. Industrial Park – later "Shamehood Park", as it comes to be known once it develops its status as a venue for North Mural Wrestling, as well as sensitive meet-ups and events. There, she begins to run her first experiments on strangers, focusing on their generation and parameters.
Following , she acquires a thirst for bloodlust, and builds the Funhouse once it becomes clear that the
Besides... what she's doing isn't really so bad. They all had it coming!
Argona's victims
The scam artist scientist is always on the hunt for worthy subjects to test out stranger interactions, although the criteria by which she judges whether or not someone "deserves it" can be somewhat subjective at times.
J'seffo Darveaux
A magician who gets too "hands on" with volunteers and assistants during the street shows he performs with his hidden stranger.
Bracey Wray attempted
Xori hires Argona to dispose of the drug dealer, after he acquires one of her "stagehands" for his personal collection.
(which she had left at a party, and had not made arrangements to pick up – for several weeks.)
in a weird way I'm kind of on his side with this.
dude why wouldn't you be on his side?? you were the one that said he could have it
fair but come on man. i knew it was gonna be an epic meltdown.
does he antagonize anyone else in this manner, or is it just her?
It's just to annoy her. Otherwise, he doesn't really have much interest in selling modified strangers; it's too much of a hassle to deal with the people. It's only worth it because it pisses her off, which he finds hilarious, and which he is convinced is connected to a higher demand for sedatives in the following weeks.
Winscot Taylerson
An up-and-coming politician, born with a silver spoon up his nose. His proposed taxes and zoning laws could disasterously raise Argona's property values – to say nothing of his ties to certain unsavory business groups, which hope to demolish, re-build, and gentrify many rare stranger environments.
Bunky Moples
One corrupt cop out of many in the city, aquitted despite the evidence against him. Too bad for him, Argona works outside the court system.
Chaiden Fossi
Though his proud "evolutionary traditionalist" and "biological skepticism" already made him a worthy target in Argona's eyes, it is an offhand inappropriate comment towards her that helps ensure a particularly gruesome trap, as she studies the ymiridrine's effect parameters.
Sandra Lang
Though not specifically awful, there's something about her that Argona can't stand, and she was getting way, way, way too nosy.
Bracey Wray, Default attempted
Why not kill two birds with one stone? It's the perfect opportunity for her to test out her new Red Hell machine, observe the ganeshimandy's famed effect first-hand, and at the end, deliver the perfect gift to Olivia – her very own psychic brain to study and dissect.
Protests continue for bystander slain by drunk police officer
In response, police have released new social media posts that indicate that the "victim" wasn't actually so innocent, and ...

"Simply not appropriate for on-duty hours"
Advisories considered for officers accused of finger-breaking, manhandling, and other mischievous conduct ...
your favorite updates and alerts
they found out ???? no
not if you're listening in!
Hero cop murdered
by jealous ex-lover?
hey could i get ur input?
how close does something have to be to the curb until it's free?
i say just go for it
you've got secrets... they've got secrets...
do you need a security guard, or just someone to boss around? why not hire a drug dealer??
let's do it "together"...let's watch them die every night!
so, maybe you're not a "TYPICAL COUPLE"... but you can still bond and deepen your connection, watching prisoners die from the experimental vaccines you inflict!
Her relationship with Olivia, however, offers a point of comfort.
Argona acquires a ganeshimandy as a christmas gift from Olivia. Shortly thereafter, she starts working on her own Hell Engine - hers, aligned for Red Hell, with the ganeshimandy at the center. The mad scientist is given impetus to further define the strangers' physical parameters, as she plans to partially laminate the ganeshimandy in the hopes of making it immune to the dissembler's touch.
Red Hell vs. Blue Hell waves
Red Hell and Blue Hell waves act in a fundamentally different manner from one another. Red Hell can be thought of as more physical (representative), whereas Blue Hell can be thought of as more mental (abstract).
The strangers that intrude upon Default's climactic descent into Blue Hell (as seen in The Red Module), the Motherbomb, and the Flood are all examples of Red Hell-aligned events.
The Blue Hell letters, fourth-wall breaks, and the merging of the timelines into the VHZ era are all examples of Blue-Hell aligned events.
Though it may appear as though Blue Hell has a lesser impact due to its effects not being immediately visible, this does not mean that it does not have an influence on the physical world; the atomic bomb's destruction of Hiroshima was not a naturally-occuring event. (Nor is Red Hell's influence purely physcal; the survivors of the bomb still felt its impact on their mental state long after the event "ended".)
you're ready to make it happen
are you worried about a criminal record?
what if you could make them go away?
we're not talking about murder... just frying their minds!
"you mean...?" yes, it's true... you're the star, finding out all about those red hell waves!
"See the tortureshow!"
You go into the booth. You sanitize the seat. then you can decide... see it all and find out if they're good or bad!