Argona Cox
early 30s
sensitive (laminate)
150 lbs
signature color
furious red
screen name
Argona Cox she/her first encountered a stranger when a ganeshidroni murdered her father. Since then, she has studied the generating and stability parameters of strangers, taking advantage of the the warehouse compound she purchased with her inheritance. She first leases out the extra space to other sensitives, but after accidentally killing a known grifter within the community, she finds herself renting out her trapped strangers for use as deadly weapons. But will she be able to get away with murder?
curious, excitable, vengeful
digital scam artist
catfishing, high tolerance to blood and gore
upholstery, carpentry, coupon clipping
weapon of choice
stiletto knife
suburban childhood home
fav. food
fav. drink
Ripe, PhD
metal (speed, thrash), industrial
maps, dollhouses, yard sales
surprises, having to buy food at a non-sale price
fun fact
extremely good accountant
panromantic, asexual (but not sex averse)
feelings towards others
He kind of weirds me out...
He's a friend of mine! he's a little dumb...
He knows how to wrestle, alright! I hope he's not onto me...
I don't want to hear about him!!!
He's pretty chill! He's more Bracey's friend than mine. I'm never sure how to engage with him.
Do you know her??? we would make such a good team!!
Shrug! He's pretty chill, I've been to a few of his parties! he seems a little bit full of himself.
Did you know I hosted a couple of her shows before she got famous? I can't believe people listen to this stuff.
She's basically a supergenius! it's cute how she's so shy! I think we'd be such good friends...
Yeah, she's my girlfriend! we're unstoppable together!
Super nice, he helped me host arts and crafts night once! I think he's up to something, I don't trust him.
They're really cool, I'm glad to have them as a friend! I love that I can totally nerd out with them!
I pretty much have nothing in common with this guy.
She's alright! We go thrifting together :D she does NOT shut up about the most petty drama, though.
sleep setup
antique four-post wooden bed
class background
upper class (inherited her parents' wealth)
income level
slow and steady passive income, with lots of side hustles
preferred underwear
boy shorts
physical insecurity
general tummy area
fav. animal
Triplewart seadevil (Cryptopsaras couesii)
animal they'd be
Tasmanian devil (Sarcophilus harrisii)
fav. movie
Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)
fav. school subject
science, shop class, home ec.
dream job
not yet unlocked
a drawer full of Scandinavian knockoffs