Fifi Cherish
mid 20s
psychic (Red Hell-aligned)
115 lbs
signature color
cherry bomb pink
screen name
The ominous figure known as Fifi Cherish she/her seems to hold a deep connection to both Default and Adrian's past, though neither will say how. Despite her unknown motivations, one thing is certain – she is not afraid to destroy that which stands in her way in order to complete the Motherbomb, an unfathomable weapon that threatens to annihilate the fiction's own reality. But who is she; a radical terrorista, or spurned exile?
curt, unpredictable, antagonistic
terrorist, arms dealer
bombs, combat, vehicles
bonsai, original origami folds
weapon of choice
the motherbomb
modified VW type 2 bay camper van (army grey)
fav. food
Korean BBQ
fav. drink
progressive rock from 1969-1976
objects with no text or logos
fun fact
still sleeps with a stuffed animal
feelings towards others
sleep setup
there's a bed in the back of her van, and sometimes she sleeps in a hammock outside
class background
income level
enough to fund her lifestyle as an international fugitive
preferred underwear
black bikini-cut underwear.
physical insecurity
back of ankles look weird
fav. animal
red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
animal they'd be
grey butcherbird (Cracticus torquatus)
fav. movie
Dr. Strangelove (1964)
fav. school subject
art, history
dream job
not yet unlocked
overly large, overly durable, and resembles a walkie-talkie
strains encountered
Fifi's interactions with strangers are not yet known.
animal bloods
In seeking the combination of substances that will power the Motherbomb, Fifi collects blood samples from thirteen species of animals. She can tell when she's found one of the right bloods - the glyph above the holodrue gets a little bit longer. When the explosion from the Motherbomb ripples through time, the traits from these thirteen animals fuse to form the thirteen gosdragons of Into the Fade.
nile crocodile Crocodylus niloticus
Gathered from inside the gazelanx's wrapper.
leopard seal Hydrurga leptonyx
Aquired within a glass vial, the contents drained from a cut in the gums of a restrained corexi.
dire wolf Aenocyon dirus
Distilled from a minute chunk of tar, chiseled from a pedestal holding a memorial placard at the base of the Akram Zenti Memorial.
orca whale Orcinus orca
Sampled from "Sham-sham" the whale, during their first week at the aquarium.
blue-lipped sea krait Laticauda laticaudata
Extracted from a sample preserved in formaldehyde, one of many found in the storage rooms of PolyNeoteric Solutions.
andrewsarchus Andrewsarchus mongoliensis
Obtained from a tooth fragment purchased in a museum gift shop, and restored through the extensive use of
muskox Ovibos moschatus
Filtered out within the onomanxy's internal cavity.
dragon moray eel Echelycore pardalis
Quickly retrieved from the central tank at the Aqua Firma nightclub.
axolotl Ambystoma mexicanum
Purchased from a pet shop, that was also a used book store. It was a very confusing moment for her.
pteranodon Pteranodon longiceps
Found within the ymiridrine's blood, and purchased in a crate of laminated samples from Argona (via her connection to Olivia).
She's not bothered by the blood on the would-be mad scientist's hands; if anything, she likes the smell of the residue that's still on the side of the box the samples are stored in. It's a real real treat, coming into town and seeing the way all the animals fight with one another.
Space Madness (excerpt).
lammergeier Gypaetus barbatus
Siphoned from , collected following the first Blotchman's lockdown.
Bengal tiger Panthera tigris tigris
Covertly taken from a sturdy wooden cage en-route to the Slaughtahouse, while waiting to rendez-vous with Virgo.
human being Homo sapiens
Drawn from her own right arm, on the morning of the Motherbomb's detonation.
Fifi wakes up
She awakens from her coma, and leaves the hospital.
Several days later, and now going by the name of Fifi Cherish, she detonates her first experimental bomb from the top of Jaundice Press tower, the largest building in North Mural. The explosion – later known as the "dirty mother" incident – leaves the tower standing, but crumples the surrounding structures. The unidentified perpetrator is presumed dead amongst the hundreds of others whose bodies are never recovered. Civilian trust in the government declines after a botched attempt to explain the "bombing" as a rogue cyber-attack on the devices used to enact the national defense agency's perimeter "blink" protocol.
It's fine, she tells herself. (She's told herself that before.)
Things are just getting started.
now it's your turn
you get to hold the bomb...! »
She doesn't have much time to pack, but there's no real need to look back.
Fifi leaves the country
And so begins the start of her travels overseas. Only rarely does she stop in any one place for more than a few weeks; living off of MREs, catching night flights, and staying with the many contacts she's made all around the world. She experiments with red milk, administering it to both herself and others. She replaces her teeth with titanium implants, and gathers a vast digital collection of the documents and materials left behind by early sensitives.
It's a particular bomb that she's building, and she knows better than to repeat her mistakes from last time. The catalyst for the explosion isn't like any other; it needs a mixture of thirteen bloods at the center of its mechanisms.
With her metal teeth gleaming, she's ready to bite down hard, and when she's back inside the city lines, she settles in fast. She stays on the move; she knows when to leave town, and when to come back. And she knows what she's looking for; like a magnet, she'll hone in, bloodthirsty, if she just keeps her eyes open.
She grinds up the red milk psycocaine and chugs it down in a protein drink. Sleeps only when she needs to; crashes, out for days, and the taste of raw skin sucked until red is already on her tongue by the time her eyes open up.
Space Madness (excerpt).
The Terrorista – back in North Mural?
No, this one's not just another attention-starved, "copymask wannabe" ...
here's something targeted
no one needs to know it's you...
masks, indestructable faces and explosives you can detonate with a remote control!
Increasing break-ins at army base
"We might need to start carrying more guns," admits Private Wako. Private Dolsom, who stands behind him, chimes in, "I'm carrying two or three myself right now." Though it elicits a solemn nod from Dolsom, it remains to be seen if these ...
Medical samples stolen from lab
Broken computers, trashed caged, missing test subjects – and worst of all - lost profits. That's what happened when the state-of-the-art facilities at Poly-neoteric Solutions Incorporated were ...
Everybody's so caught up in their childish games, this snow globe world. They don't even see the house is on fire all around them. (They're too busy mass-producing limited edition gatchapon keychains of the cartoon poodle in a suit, the one saying "it's all good" while their kitchen's going up in flames.)
It's all so easy, too, when they take for granted how good she is.
, among animals missing from North Mural zoo
with several pools of
bizarre theft leaves many confused
"It was probably the last one. The nose was great."
Botanical gardens report heist of one-of-a-kind taxidermy specimen, kept preserved under dozens of layers of ...
▘▚▛▛▛▖▖ ▖▚ ▚ ▛ ▛▛ ▛▖▖▖ ▖▚▚▛▛▛▛▛▙▛▙▛▞▗▘▖▖▖ ▚▚▚ ▛ ▛ ▛▛▛ ▖▖▖▚
▛▜▟ ▛▟▘▞▘▞ ▞▘ ▞▘▘▞▘▞▞▚▛ ▛▛ ▛▖▖▘ ▞▞▘▞▞▞▞▞ ▞▞▞▞▞ ▞▞▞▞▛▜ ▟▛▜▟▛ ▜▟▛▜ ▟ ▖▚▚▛▛▛ ▛▛▙▛▙▛▞▗ ▖▚▚▛▛▛
The only thing she hates, is when she has bad dreams.
... At its core, the thirteen animal bloods she has so painstakingly collected. Tightly constrained turns in each of the wires, whose sinews lead to fuses, in all their ticking and still leaden boxes. From the outside though, a through-and-through bomb – still recognizable as such even beneath the ragged-at-the-edges panels over the bulges of battery parts guided up from trash-heaps and salvaged from junk shops piecemeal. Even though it's cobbled-together and patched up with telephone loop-wires and duct tape (and with a little white flower under clear tape on an old square gas tank panel), nothing drips out, airtight and yet the fuel coolents still make the room smell like the harbor water they were condensed from.
From a certain angle, it's silhouette is still shark-shaped.
Everything has gone as she hoped, and the pieces, by now, are all in motion. Fifi looks out onto the city. She reaches into her pocket, and grumbles at having left her pack of cinnamon-flavored chewing gum in the glove compartment.
Space Madness (excerpt).
It was so nice to have a little fun along the way, she almost doesn't want to say goodbye. (But as her fingertips press down on the button, she's not saying goodbye.)
This is something she's told herself before; things are just getting started.