Olivia North
late 30s
180 lbs
signature color
cyanogenic blue
screen name
Olivia North she/her is both a cunning scientist and an ambitious businesswoman who is forced into contact with the younger sensitives of North Mural in her quest to discover the chemical and financial benefits of the stranger infestation. Her research is some of the first scientific investigations of the phenomenon, and her partnerships with the self-taught chemist Bracey Wray and fellow researcher Argona Cox help bring some of the first stranger-derived chemicals to market – but will her risky ventures pay off?
cold, industrious, ruthless
pharmaceutical executive
weapon of choice
high rise upscale apartment
fav. food
fav. drink
classical, minimalist experimental
fun fact
loves to feed pigeons
lesbian, but convinces herself she's asexual
feelings towards others
I can never get a read on him. it might be worthwhile to look into his past a bit more.
She's one of the acquaintance. having a laminate on my side has certainly proven invaluable.
I find her to be a trustworthy business partner. I'm looking forward to our next dinner together.
Dealing with him is an unfortunate necessity. I need to unblock his number soon.
His positivity makes me want to puke.
Get a job.
I haven't seen him in a while. anyone would want a psychic brain sample; it's basic economics.
She's a reliable and down-to-earth business partner. I'm glad she doesn't try to get too friendly.
He's neither likeable, nor particularly bothersome. I've never seen a single one of his videos.
I have no interest in that sort of "entertainment".
He's too old to be acting that way. I wonder if he realizes how bad his dandruff is.
They're a useless shut-in. Though I will admit, they are quite knowledgable as a source of information.
He's fine.
She's completely over-the-top in an already ridiculous field of work.
sleep setup
a big, sort-of-tacky bed with all-white sheets that are always tucked way, way, way too tight
class background
middle class
income level
at present, she's very comfortable
preferred underwear
neutral grey underwear that is neither unattractive, nor overtly seductive
physical insecurity
jawline, throat
fav. animal
common pigeon (Columba livia)
animal they'd be
black rat snake (Pantherophis obsoletus)
fav. movie
2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)
fav. school subject
science, math
dream job
palm organizer with stock functionality, seven calculator apps, and all games and ringtones manually disabled
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
Olivia North discovers her sensitivity when she encounters a tomodari on top of the college's chemistry department building, blaring club music. She uses the emitted sounds to track its partner to a nightclub rooftop, and shortly after, becomes transfixed by the strangers' scientific implications.
Unable to be taken seriously by the scientific community, Olivia turns to the internet to collect more data and meet other sensitives. Shortly afterwards, she moves to North Mural, where she finds employment as a research scientist for pharmaceuticals. She continues to study strangers in her personal time in the hopes of creating a permanent hormone replacement – something she would have thought impossible before discovering the strangers.
She's not like the rest of them, with all their drugs, parties, and teenage drama. She has more responsible ways to spend her time.
it's okay, you can play a little chess ...
you're not just having fun - when you're getting smarter and smarter!
Olivia reaches out to Argona, hoping to both utilize her laminate abilities, and share research notes. Though their transactions are at first cold and businesslike, a friendship gradually forms between the two.
Now, she's getting somewhere. it's starting to pay off.
move over, mother nature. here comes father pharma.
Faraday Laboratories caught in animal welfare debate
Newly-established pharma-research corporation "N1RVANA" offers 100% animal-free solutions ...
no, no, and now everyone knows ??
gross, they're looking and that's not right!!! don't disturb your neighbors, hide relationships, no PDA relation$hip$
the most expensive pigeon food that money can buy
they'll know you're the queen of the park
oops! was your new product deemed "not safe" for domestic consumers?
there's a valuable market opening up in the penitentiary system! potential customers, $$$$$$ and profits that are "locked in"
New research on the cerebellum reveals previously unknown differentiation ...

Brand new organ in the brain?
What you need to know about the most recent ""psychic"" findings ...
They're nothing. And no one will miss them.
My worst fears have been confirmed.