mid 20s
psychic (Blue Hell-aligned)
115 lbs
signature color
psycholy blue
screen name
The psychic who goes only by Default he/him is a creative dreamer who never walked across a bridge he couldn't burn. As he attempts to escape from an unseen past, tumultuous romances send him drifting between hypnotizing highs and violent lows – the only constant, the endless crayon drawings that he scrawls with his right hand. He claims not to see the way his indecipherable drawings cast light on a larger structure, but what does this shy boy notice that we don’t?
shy, moody, imaginative
dancing, visual art
model dioramas, JRPGs
weapon of choice
mind games
always lives with someone else
fav. food
PB&J sandwich
fav. drink
black coffee
experimental, ambient, alt-rock
colors, shapes, letters, symbols, creating worlds and characters
when Bracey doesn't skip the skits on rap albums
fun fact
can't write in cursive
gay submissive
feelings towards others
sleep setup
single mattress on the floor
class background
lower-middle class
income level
next to nothing
preferred underwear
(partner's choice)
physical insecurity
chest scars, coarse hair texture
fav. animal
animal they'd be
domestic house cat (Felis silvestris catus)
fav. movie
Fantastic Planet (1973)
fav. school subject
English (creative writing)
dream job
full-time artist known for his worlds, art, and writing
basic black phone with lots of custom wallpaper options
strains encountered
Default's interactions with strangers are not known.
He doesn't want anyone to know who he is. So he goes there, into that grimy city world; he doesn't tell them his name, anything. All that really matters is that he's somewhere where he can't be thrown away or left behind.
awww, that's so cute... it's like you're an artist! with your doodles
we have supplies for your crafts and hobbies, unwind while you study and prepare for your real career
did something "bad" happen to you?
do you want to pretend to be hurt, just so someone will protect you? are you weak, or unable to love yourself? hmm... why not do something... a little naughty?
He's never had anything like this before. Though he's wanted it... and it gives him such a rush that now, all the places and people he left behind don't bother him much. It doesn't matter anymore that he can't speak for himself, that he freezes up, that he calls himself the worst names. It doesn't matter now that he's finally got this wild life.
your photos...leaked!
it's too late!!! [ FREE ]
it's only bad weather, bad news for you
these people did it... why can't YOU ???
find out how to get some thrills and delights of your own
Rise of extra-specialized adult streams
More and more are turning to internet content creation to afford rent, pay for medication, therapy ...'s like a dream now. He watches the colors shift from one thing to the next; he leans back, passive, as the world around him changes.
On stormy days, he's there eyes-wide.
(With nobody home.)
are you..
Sympathetic NS?
Seeking safety via DISCONNECTION?
He knows now that people are starting to look. People are starting to notice. Only, he likes knowing how much deeper it goes. They can't even begin to imagine.
And, it can always get rougher.
they're allowed, right??
...but it wasn't really all about him, was it? He can hear it now, that familiar voice. "Don't you even see? You've made the whole world cruel."
You really saw, after all. I was the only one who didn't see...
"The folded origami cranes hang from the wall and his drawings too are scattered on tabletops or taped up on the wall. The zigzap black and white lines of album covers reflects blue light on a mint ceramic bowl filled with cat food on the floor." Space Madness, The Red Mist, excerpt.
But, I never cared about getting better... as long as I felt like you cared about me.
He's limp on the floor, like so many times before. This time, though...