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you can't run from it forever...
Are you a dead channel awaiting a lost station? Are you feeling... blue?
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My name is Default. But you probably knew that by now...
My boyfriend does most of the talking ~
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I'm really good at dancing and lots of other things too~

unlock your true self ... you can finally meet the "real you" !
safe easy that you can't believe it's legal!!! why are you wasting your time?

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you got away with it
listed on ▘▚▟▛/▚▝/▚▙ at 11:01AM
and i'll never say a word
listed on ▜▙▝▝/▚▗/▙▞ at 8:38PM

we still remember the good times
listed on ▘▟▚▚/▞▘/▗▞ at 8:38PM
but we'll only have those memories
listed on ▞▗▞▜/▘▖/▞▙ at 03:17AM

art career now !
want to get famous?? for your art?? too bad you don't know the tricks of the trade... [..]
i can't help lying but it feels so good!!
low self-esteem? stop making excuses today! find out the REAL reasons they don't like you... ¡C ¥Ñ ©ó ½T ¹ï ³o
tired of being thrown away? don't despair! act!
never get rejected again, make them love you for real...