you're looking.! wait, ¼Ó ¢Ñ still here,
®y © been trapped, it's still me inside here!" shouted the psychic, his words falling on deaf ears. [ EXCLUSIVE ]
DIRTY PSYCHIC SECRETS || HE REVEALED LIES || dirty psychic cowardly artist sicko liar ¢ «¢ ¡I¢ «¢ ¡I
it's coming, it's coming, it's coming?? its coming, its going to happen and it's coming soon, soon, soon!

listed on ▘▛▘▞/▝▙/▞▘ at 11:01AM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

ever wanted a fresh start?
you can finally do it all over, and this time all of your ideas will come true to life where nothing's actually "real" ¯ ¤H ­Ì
that's right... you're finally safe!
the nightmare is over!!
you're not trapped in the maze – in fact, there was never any maze at all, it was just a bad dream ®