Are your channels... all scrambled up?
Maybe it's actually your own fault? Discount televisions, TELEVISIONS televi$ionz scrambled up your mind ¡¤ ª¾ !!°
you don't have to regret that mistake!
why don't they understand you? you worked so hard...
oh no... you wasted your time for nothing?? all those years on your art...that's such a long time to throw down the drain! bet you feel really bad, right? and you're not getting any younger...!! ¦¨ ¤F ¤

listed on ▚▚▚▞/▘▝/▟▘ at 03:17AM
this stranger possesses a disposition.

keep on dreaming, dreaming...
you never have to wake up, Another tired night with no concentration? Any salt concentration, focus, our pills can help you sit down, get things done, and ¼Ë ª± ¯ the ... had to come some day. So let it ...
hey, are you thinking about someone else?
"I'll always be the one that got away, you'll always be the one I threw away..."