Bracey Wray
early to mid 20s
sensitive (dissembler)
175 lbs
signature color
dissembler mint
screen name
In the North Mural club and party scene, Bracey Wray he/him is a dealer whose high-end drugs give psychedelic effects found nowhere else. To the rest of the world, he's a withdrawn outcast who finds refuge in the city's unexplored spaces – scrawling abstract graffiti, caring for one of the city's feral cat colonies, and kept grounded only by the fated connection that he shares with his frequently moody boyfriend, Default. But how long can he hide the dark source of his unknown narcotics – and what secrets do his own fantastical ambitions threaten to disclose?
manic, horny, anxious
drug dealer
tech mods, synthesizing drugs
urban exploration, graffiti
weapon of choice
trendy apartment, then bomb shelter
fav. food
instant ramen
fav. drink
vodka + WANT energy drink
90s hip hop, dubstep
sex, intoxication, getting his way
social interaction, cooking
fun fact
strict vegetarian
bisexual (not attracted to masculinity)
feelings towards others
I've seen him around, he's okay I guess?
Ughhhhhhhhhhh. I hate him!!!!!!
She's really cool!! I guess I haven't weirded her out yet?
Chuck is a great guy! I don't know how to not make it awkward.
Oh, have you heard of him?? He's my boyfriend!!! I love that he's all mine.
... I hope he's alright.
I've never met her, but she's mecha-hardcore, yo!!!!
Yeah, he lives in the same apartment as me! I guess they can't tell...
Yeah, I was more into Illest-D, yknow? She's a total corporate sell-out.
Ugh, who called the fun police? :/ I hate that I have to work with her.
He's awesome!!!! I'd trust him with anything! he knows so much about me, and he's still my friend...?
They're kinda weird... I really gave things a shot for Default's sake, but...
omfg fuck this guy!!! He's a huge asshole.
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She's annoying as fuck and a SUPER straightedge narc btw :/
sleep setup
futon couch, or wherever really
class background
lower class (parents were always on welfare)
income level
semi-steady income with high liquidity, but low asset growth
preferred underwear
black boxers with clovers
physical insecurity
acne and acne scars
fav. animal
domestic house cat (Felis silvestris catus)
animal they'd be
Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
fav. movie
Enter the Void (2009)
fav. school subject
shop class
dream job
artist, or vet's assistant
a very cracked and taped-together flip-phone