Bracey Wray
early to mid 20s
sensitive (dissembler)
175 lbs
signature color
dissembler mint
screen name
In the North Mural club and party scene, Bracey Wray he/him is a dealer whose high-end drugs give psychedelic effects found nowhere else. To the rest of the world, he's a withdrawn outcast who finds refuge in the city's unexplored spaces – scrawling abstract graffiti, caring for one of the city's feral cat colonies, and kept grounded only by the fated connection that he shares with his frequently moody boyfriend, Default. But how long can he hide the dark source of his unknown narcotics – and what secrets do his own fantastical ambitions threaten to disclose?
manic, horny, anxious
drug dealer
tech mods, synthesizing drugs
urban exploration, graffiti
weapon of choice
trendy apartment, then bomb shelter
fav. food
instant ramen
fav. drink
vodka + WANT energy drink
90s hip hop, dubstep
sex, intoxication, getting his way
social interaction, cooking
fun fact
strict vegetarian
bisexual (not attracted to masculinity)
feelings towards others
I've seen him around, he's okay I guess?
Ughhhhhhhhhhh. I hate him!!!!!!
She's really cool!! I guess I haven't weirded her out yet?
Chuck is a great guy! I don't know how to not make it awkward.
Oh, have you heard of him?? He's my boyfriend!!! I love that he's all mine.
... I hope he's alright.
I've never met her, but she's mecha-hardcore, yo!!!!
Yeah, he lives in the same apartment as me! I guess they can't tell...
Yeah, I was more into Illest-D, yknow? She's a total corporate sell-out.
Ugh, who called the fun police? :/ I hate that I have to work with her.
He's awesome!!!! I'd trust him with anything! he knows so much about me, and he's still my friend...?
They're kinda weird... I really gave things a shot for Default's sake, but...
omfg fuck this guy!!! He's a huge asshole.
UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH. She's annoying as fuck and a SUPER straightedge narc btw :/
sleep setup
futon couch, or wherever really
class background
lower class (parents were always on welfare)
income level
semi-steady income with high liquidity, but low asset growth
preferred underwear
black boxers with clovers
physical insecurity
acne and acne scars
fav. animal
domestic house cat (Felis silvestris catus)
animal they'd be
Bottlenose dolphin (Tursiops truncatus)
fav. movie
Enter the Void (2009)
fav. school subject
shop class
dream job
artist, or vet's assistant
a very cracked and taped-together flip-phone
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
Fresh Crush
Wet Velvet
Dirty Daizey
Wasted Joyride
Lucy #17
trashyjane #2
killer tease
Sweetheart Makeout
boohoo babydoll
Missy De-lite
Dead End Daddy
mylover #613
mylover #1, #66, various
mylover #602
mylover #666
Sucker #1-9
Mint Molly
the thirteen hollow crowns
As he follows the notes left by his absent boyfriend, Bracey constructs the thirteen crowns, and places them on the following strangers' severed heads.
mylover #602 bones / clovers
boohoo babydoll scissors / paper
crazyhorse straw / matches
mylover #613 toys / barbed-wire
Sweetheart Makeout beartrap / lipstick
thrillblaster hands / finger-puppets
Fresh Crush batteries / tape
Dead End Daddy road-signs / screws
killer tease teeth / nails
trashyjane #2 roses / neon
daydreamnation mirrors / knives
mylover #666 brains / scalpels
Wet Velvet hypno / crown
The latent sensitive, Bracey Wray, moves to North Mural to escape the desolation of his run-down hometown. Over the next few weeks, he gets a job working the night shift at a gas station, ingratiates himself with the local club scene, and spends his free time tinkering with the devices he uses to synthesize the drugs that he both partakes in and deals on the side.
He's finally out of that dead-end town. He might be breathing in the sweaty city air, but it's better than the factory fumes.
While exploring an abandoned warehouse, Bracey meets his first stranger face to face, when he encounters a vossdrome. This physical contact reveals his dissembler abilities; he uses the opportunity to partially dissect and experiment upon the stranger's inanimate body, designating it mylover #1.
His shoes are already scuffed when the soles hit the ground, and the one he already knows is the vossdrome looks up at him. Its fingers pick into the dirt on the pavement, push inside the smallest holes, the eyes look towards his own. They're flat. The gaze is empty, and the mint-green handle of the knife is no longer cold, but still cool against his skin.
Space Madness, excerpt
you can find out how to do it
media with R MINIMUM, only hardcore art movies
you're just too edgy. doing everything you like, getting whatever you want. and no one else knows.
hack your TV, and you can make... drugs??
it's actually plausible, thanks to information you can find online
In learning more about strangers through various internet archives, Bracey discovers the writings of Elly Prauzner, whose technical manuals describe ways to re-use assorted electrical components to create devices that extract chemicals from the strangers. Of the plethora of chemicals are described, Bracey primarily focuses on the psychedelic fluid known as "psycholy".
Despite repeated attempts, however, he remains fruitless in his attempts to either synthesize or extract the drug. After his landlord discovers his homemade drug distillation equipment, Bracey is kicked out of his apartment. With many acquaintances, but no friends, he sleeps in an abandoned water treatment plant basement.
The next morning, he meets his first "doll", a ganeshivandy.
Bracey's perseverence pays off, however, when he synthesizes his first successful batch of psycholy – the effect is even greater than has been described. He tests the drug, and falls under its spell. After some further trial and error, he is able to regularly replicate the process, and he begins to sell the drug.
Finding it to be more lucrative than minimum wage, Bracey quits his job at the gas station and begins working as a psycholy dealer full-time. He moves into an apartment once more, just between the edges of the club and factory districts.
new drug hitting streets
It leaves no traces in the blood...even our best police dogs can't sniff it out...learn why you should be terrified of "psycho-LSD"...
Now he has something they're all after... and he's found a place where he can do anything he feels like.
now listing: posts by username:
NEW BATCH!!!!!! need to supply your party???
@ ▝▚▗▗/▛▞/▛▛ at 06:50PM
want to adopt a cat?? how about a special needs cat??
@ ▟▞▖▘/▙▞/▜▝ at 01:52PM
@ ▚▞▚▞/▛▗/▗▚ at 07:00PM
a few homemade alternatives for NTSC-K vacuum tubes :)
@ ▝▖▟▘/▜▙/▛▞ at 08:16AM
you don't have enough?
whoa!! seeing yourself now?
make money... better drugs! why choose life? fake enlightment means REAL chemical high$!!!
It really is as good as they'd said.
(He's not hurting anyone, he tells himself.)
Then, he meets him...
Bracey meets Default just after the non-standards-only Meaty Mouse concert, in one of the Yellow Road's "moving gallery" cars. The two bond quickly – they draw on the wall together, Default dances, and they leave the graffiti truck to wander the festival from car-to-car and talk about animals, their hobbies, and their memories of the videogame Sonic & Eggman. They return to Bracey's private capsule, where they spend the night together, and Default tries psycholy for the first time.
And now, he never wants to go back to being alone.
"More than the hands on the hips of the gasping fakes as he drives the drill's dip-stick between the folds of flesh, more than the powdered crystal crush he sprinkles in his hand-rolled cigarettes, and even more than the drops that accumulate on the glass of his condenser tanks... it's his biggest thrill to watch his brown-eyed toy when he gets that psycholy up in him. Default always wants more, and he goes to places that Bracey can't imagine, and when they both come down, the words that the sudden-chatterbox grown-up boy had said still pace like caged animals in the back of the mind."
Space Madness (excerpt).
He wasn't supposed to feel attached... he's still got Default, and Default still has him. (Except, Default's all shaken up.)
It's wild, how much he can take. And so he wants to ramp it up too, he needs to see just how crazy it can get. Even though, maybe he should be noticing more, how the psychic's starting to get a little hazy, disoriented.𖼤
𖼤 Only, it's a gradual decline. Fatigue, anxiety, slurred speech, stammering, memory loss, catatonia.
Bracey and Default are deeply shaken when one of the cats in Pussytown is killed by an unknown individual. No longer feeling that the area is safe, they temporarily relocate the entire colony to Argona's warehouse, before they begin to look for more permanent homes.
don't they understand??? it??
no one's really getting hurt, just to do the nasty things you've gotta do
ugh, that's so gross?? are you STILL scratching at your skin?? ...BAD ACNE
you have a problem.
it's 4:19, and you haven't packed a bowl. You're losing control of your life. treat your drugs better, man.
As his psycholy trips with Default grow more intense, Bracey becomes fixated on what the psychic's abilities can reveal about what appear to be higher dimensions. He builds a "callyphanx" from materials online, and discovers the location of the "messianic crown" within Default's brain.
"The metal tip parts the psychic's hair, scans over the skin. Then, a clank and a whirr; that's the spot."
Space Madness, excerpt
Bicycle Day - or, that fateful breakup
After an altercation during a bicycle day party, Bracey is kicked out and separated from his boyfriend, with no way to get back in touch. With Default left largely uncommunicative following the successive large doses of psycholy, and with the drugs themselves now shown to have lasting consequences, Bracey is abruptly and forcibly estranged from much of the community.
The dissembler is unable to handle both the sudden ostracism, and Default's abrupt absence from his life. He gathers a binder of Default's drawings, notes, and collected book excerpts, takes what he believes to be a fatal dose of psycholy, and passes out in an abandoned garage.
After taking such a massive amount of drugs, Bracey is surprised that he wakes up at all - but as he opens his eyes, he realizes, he knows this place. It's where he first encountered mylover#1. Default's drawings are scattered all around him, and the psycholy still courses through him as Bracey looks at the drawings. He can't help himself from laughing as he sees just how it's all laid out – he knows what he needs to do.
The psychic left behind so many notes... it's not all random, he says. He becomes obsessed.
Bracey contacts Argona, who is looking for someone to guard her warehouse compound. Bracey agrees to the job, in return for letting him rent out the 60s-era bomb shelter beneath the property. He moves into the underground series of rooms, which he renames the Terrorzone, and converts to his simultaneous living space and workshop for psycholy processing operations.
did you know that we already knew?
it finally happened, just a little brain damage
and everyone can see. you messed up your brain, from too many drugs??
You're coming back??