Christine Verity
mid to late 20s
200 lbs
signature color
interface green
screen name
Christine Verity they/them lives a quiet life doing IT work for a range of corporations. In their freetime, they manage a popular North Mural sensitive messageboard, and monitor the large amount of stranger chatter in the area. Few, however, know their role as an anonymous member of the indie game development co-op Sadware, a group of reclusive and maligned "strangers rights" extremists. But how far will this brainiac shut-in go to protect their beloved pets?
withdrawn, paranoid, creative
IT / web management
coding, pixel art
video games, writing digital music
weapon of choice
frying pan
cheap apartment filled w/ figures, games, and plushies
fav. food
fav. drink
WANT energy drink
electronic house, chiptune
virtual pets
going outside
fun fact
never been kissed
feelings towards others
I've never really talked to him. He looks like just another jock...
I'm really glad I met her! She's a total nerd too :D she can get a little overwhelming at times
Ugh, he's such a gross creep! He makes me feel sick to my stomach...
Such a nice guy! He's really respectful of other people n_n I never really know what to talk about with him...
he's really been fun to talk to and do things with! it's so cool being friends with him!
I don't really want to talk about him... I never want to deal with him again!!!
No comment... is it bad if I think she's kind of cool?
He's actually pretty nice when you talk to him. I wish I knew him better.
Umm, I'm not really into that kind of music...
I get the feeling she doesn't like me much...
He's suuuper nice ^_^ I should try to be less shy about messaging him...
Uhm, do you know much about him, actually...? I can't tell if he's cool or not...
She's, uhm, kinda loud, and stuff... I tried.
sleep setup
a bed covered in stuffed animals, anime characters, many pillows, and a giant green comforter
class background
middle class
income level
enough to sustain a constantly growing figure and game collection
preferred underwear
soft green cotton underwear with lots of coverage
physical insecurity
lack of androgyny
fav. animal
T. Rex (Tyrannosaurus rex)
animal they'd be
European edible dormouse (Glis glis)
fav. movie
End of Evangelion (1997)
fav. school subject
science, computer lab
dream job
video game creator
new-ish phone decorated with lots of charms and stickers (it's mostly used for playing games and checking forum threads)
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
Many sensitives discover the strangers during their teenage years, or early twenties.
you might want to listen to this
a cure for anxiety, depression!?
have you ever tried doing something else, instead? others have spoken, a better choice is not having depression !! stop having anxiety and depression.
death-free animal shelters in your area!!
you may have money, but these helpless pets don't, donate now to help adorable cats and dogs get out of their impossible debt ¤° »¹ »
but what would he look like... "with paws"?
now your friends will have to pick a fursona!
...but, not Verity.
And the strangers have been their best friends since.
Though they're slow to ease in, they find their place among the other sensitives of North Mural.
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looking to make some artist friends
@ ▛▖▘▜/▘▚/▚▘ 03:33PM
pixel art of my original stranger characters!
@ ▖▟▜▘/▖▙/▖▝ 07:27PM
some new fan-stranger designs
@ ▞▙▝▝/▜▛/▝▟ 04:17AM
a few theories about the humors
@ ▗▟▖▗/▛▜/▛▘ 06:05PM
my new Mazes & Modules campaign ^_^
@ ▜▖▛▚/▗▘/▛▗ 08:25PM
hello!! you don't know me at all, but i saw your art online and i wanted to let you know that it was really cool ^_^
Thank you so much! I've seen your pixel art too, it's really well done! it looks just like the original style
aw man thanks!! btw, are you a professional artist?
fff I wish. I'm trying but I get kinda shy...
hey its okay! sounds familiar 8_8 awkward hi fives?
what if it was the same, but better?
that's right! MIDI classic music™
obsolete file formats? not anymore! come back to MIDI!
And, they become a supportive presence in the psychic's life.
so like... what did you think of the stuff I wrote?
gimme more @ u @ !!! it was so original!
can i use some of this for the game?
You may already be familiar with their work through the game sprites and illustrations for the videogame, Zeroworld.
A lot's changed since they've been away. Now, they have a new philosophy.
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an open letter to every stranger abuser
@ ▙▟▟▟/▟▟/▟▖ 11:17PM
don't you know it's wrong?
@ ▙▟▟▖/▟▟/▟▟ 09:09PM
you don't get to make the rules.
@ ▙▜▚▙/▞▗/▜▞ 10:11PM
"Be nice, or die."
a family reunion
Verity's activities dwindle to a lull when a simdroni appears in their apartment. At first, they are grateful for the newfound companion (and for their simdromere babies to finally meet their "parent") Knowing the strain's reputation, they keep the simdroni a secret from their friends.
As it grows in size, so too does Verity feel its influence more strongly.
▘▞▝▝/▚▖/▗▞ Verity discovers the simdroni behind their couch. It is small enough to fit inside an unused plastic bento box.
▞▗▚▜/▘▜/▚▟ First Mazes & Modules game missed. Verity puts a doll-sized graduation cap on the simdroni.
▘▙▚▗/▟▞/▛▝ Last face to face meeting (said hello to apartment complex handyman, who came in to fix a leaky sink that had been reported the week before).
▖▞▚▚/▗▖/▙▘ Last time outdoors (took a walk to the post office to mail a package to an online friend).
▚▙▘▞/▞▛/▗▝ Last online Mazes & Modules game attended. The simdroni is now large enough to wear one of Verity's old hoodies; it's bright green, with an image of a kaiju on the back.
▞▗▟▛/▜▚/▛▟ Last food delivery (vegan sub sandwich, from a local chain).
▚▗▜▚/▖▘/▟▚ Last post online. The trucks and train carts filled with zebras move through the city.
Then, no one hears from them for some time.
...but, not all hope is lost.
▟▝▘▗/▝▘/▙▝ Verity sees Chucks' post online, and checks the security cameras around Jaundice Press Tower. When they see Chuck and Virgo, they use their last bit of willpower to disable as much of the security as they can, watching with exhausted, but hopeful eyes as their friends face the obstacles in front of them.