Christine Verity they/them lives a quiet life doing IT work for a range of corporations. In their freetime, they manage a popular North Mural sensitive messageboard, and monitor the large amount of stranger chatter in the area. Few, however, know their role as an anonymous member of the indie game development co-op Sadware, a group of reclusive and maligned "strangers rights" extremists. But how far will this brainiac shut-in go to protect their beloved pets?
withdrawn, paranoid, creative
IT / web management
coding, pixel art
video games, writing digital music
weapon of choice
frying pan
cheap apartment
fav. food
fav. drink
WANT energy drink
electronic house, chiptune
virtual pets
going outside
fun fact
never been kissed
feelings towards others
I've never really talked to him. He looks like just another jock...
I'm really glad I met her! She's a total nerd too :D she can get a little overwhelming at times
Ugh, he's such a gross creep! He makes me feel sick to my stomach...
Such a nice guy! He's really respectful of other people n_n I never really know what to talk about with him...
he's really been fun to talk to and do things with! it's so cool being friends with him!
I don't really want to talk about him... I never want to deal with him again!!!
No comment... is it bad if I think she's kind of cool?
He's actually pretty nice when you talk to him. I wish I knew him better.
Umm, I'm not really into that kind of music...
I get the feeling she doesn't like me much...
He's suuuper nice ^_^ I should try to be less shy about messaging him...
Uhm, do you know much about him, actually...? I can't tell if he's cool or not...
She's, uhm, kinda loud, and stuff... I tried.
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
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