After moving to North Mural from London, Virgo he/him gained a quick reputation as an experienced hunter who will accept even dangerous or illegal jobs – for a price, and one condition: no personal questions. His eclectic array of knowledge regarding stranger destabilization makes him a respected figure in the community, but what does his carefully crafted facade hide - thoughtful poet, or dangerous provocateur? (And just where does he go on his long night drives out of the city?)
introspective, intimidating, wild
shifter, underground activities
stealth, mimicking accents
weapon of choice
box cutter
apartment with girlfriend
fav. food
white chocolate
fav. drink
seltzer water
big beat, trip hop, new age
meeting his friends' pets
being asked where he's from
fun fact
reads at least one novel a week
feelings towards others
Never met him. He seems trustworthy.
Watch out for her. She'll get what's coming to her.
He's a fuckin wanker. I hope he gets his shit together someday.
He's a real solid friend. There's not a lot of people like him out there.
Can't say we've met. I hope he'll give himself a chance.
I've never met her. It's none of my concern.
Not the biggest fan.
She's just another business associate. Yeah, that's all anyone needs to know.
I don't have much to say about her. She's so uptight she could snap a broomstick up her arse.
I don't really know him. I'm watching out for him, never you worry.
I don't believe we've met.
She's quite the trouble-starter, isn't she? Still might have been worth it, though.
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
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