Valeks Tomasi he/him is a well-adjusted (if somewhat unconventional) member of the sensitive community, with a unique point of view and boundless wonderment towards the strangers. His optimistic outlook and good-natured disposition help to balance out his more moody peers, while his questions help reveal many unexpected details about the strains. But why does he seem to know so many secrets, and could he really have a "guardian cube" looking out for him?
playful, spontaneous, friendly
hacker, programmer
computers, braiding
video game asset pulls
weapon of choice
laser pointer
cheap basement apartment
fav. food
an entire jar of pickles
fav. drink
diet off-brand soda
anime/video game OSTs
90s computer games, blankets
when his sleeves get wet
fun fact
knows how to see zymbols
mostly asexual...mostly
feelings towards others
I don't really know him that well, but he let me use his microwave once!!!
I really like going to her parties! She's a little intense...
I love to hang out with him, he's one of my best friends! I really hope he's doing okay...
He's sooo nice!! I'm so glad he's my friend!
So good at so many things and my best friend! it's sad seeing him so down on himself...
uhm...she's a bit much for me! I wonder what she's really like?
He has such a cool apartment! He's alright, I guess...
Some of her stuff is really catchy! something doesn't seem right with her...
I don't really know her, sorry! I don't really like her...
They're really chill and cool to talk to! It's too bad about the thing with Default...
Soo intense...I wouldn't try to cross him! will I ever be as cool as him?
She's a little high maintenance...her show is really cool though! she needs to calm down...
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