Chuck Rockwell he/him moved into North Mural from his rural town looking for work as a mechanic. He found a career and a home, as well as the strangers, and the sensitives tormented by them. Taking up the mantle of protector of the neighborhood, he started stranger patrols and trained other sensitives in self-defense. His recklessness, showcased most dramatically in the infamous underground stranger fighting rings, however, raises the question – is he truly selfless or does his penchant for danger hide a secret death wish?
empathic, laid-back, practical
guns, cooking, playing guitar
wrestling, gardening
weapon of choice
pistol, improvised club
apartment above a mechanic
fav. food
beef dip sandwich
fav. drink
hip hop, country
dogs, thriller and romance movies
fun fact
afraid of spiders
feelings towards others
I don't quite get his deal. plus I think I owe him money for a train pass or something.
Hell yeah, Argona's one-of-a-kind! and she's even smarter than she lets on - by a LOT!!
Oh, that murderer??? I'm taking her down!!!
Oh, him? We kinda run in different circles. He's kind of messed up, but he just needs some help, right?
Whenever I see him, he's working on his art! He seems really sad about something.
Honestly, she's kinda taking things a bit too far.
I don't know him too well, but he seems pretty chill. he's kinda cute...
Oh, yeah, I hope he's doing great! man, it's not like anything bad happened!
Rock it girl! Mouth open for the mouse!
Wait, are you for REAL?? she's trying to do THAT? what... the... fuck??
Yeah, I don't really have so much to do with her.
He's a fun and helpful guy!
They're a good kid! Kinda shy though.
Me and Virgo are real tight, I'd trust him with my life.
Yeah she is a literal drama queen, no thanks.
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