Chuck Rockwell
early 20s
280 lbs
signature color
safety orange
screen name
Chuck Rockwell he/him moved into North Mural from his rural town looking for work as a mechanic. He found a career and a home, as well as the strangers, and the sensitives tormented by them. Taking up the mantle of protector of the neighborhood, he started stranger patrols and trained other sensitives in self-defense. His recklessness, showcased most dramatically in the infamous underground stranger fighting rings, however, raises the question – is he truly selfless, or does his penchant for danger hide a secret death wish?
empathic, laid-back, practical
guns, cooking, playing guitar
wrestling, gardening
weapon of choice
pistol, improvised club
apartment above a mechanic
fav. food
beef dip sandwich
fav. drink
hip hop, country
dogs, thriller and romance movies
fun fact
afraid of spiders
feelings towards others
I don't quite get his deal. plus I think I owe him money for a train pass, or I've gotta return a jar lid or something.
Hell yeah, Argona's one-of-a-kind! and she's even smarter than she lets on - by a LOT!!
Oh, that murderer??? I'm taking her down!!!
Oh, him? We kinda run in different circles. He's kind of messed up, but he just needs some help, right?
Whenever I see him, he's working on his art! He seems really sad about something.
Honestly, she's kinda taking things a bit too far.
I don't know him too well, but he seems pretty chill. he's kinda cute...
Oh, yeah, I hope he's doing great! man, it's not like anything bad happened!
Rock it girl! Mouth open for the mouse!
Wait, are you for REAL?? she's trying to do THAT? what... the... fuck??
Yeah, I don't really have so much to do with her.
He's a fun and helpful guy!
They're a good kid! Kinda shy though.
Me and Virgo are real tight, I'd trust him with my life.
Yeah she is a literal drama queen, no thanks.
sleep setup
just a normal queen-sized bed
class background
solidly middle class (his dad owned a truck rental service)
income level
money gets tight sometimes, but he always gets by
preferred underwear
bright red boxer-briefs
physical insecurity
visible stretch-marks
fav. animal
domestic dog (Canis lupus familiaris)
animal they'd be
American bison (Bison bison)
fav. movie
not yet unlocked
fav. school subject
social studies
dream job
a pro wrestler who also stars in movies for kids
it's got a bunch of dating apps that he keeps deleting and un-deleting
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
He doesn't know how he knows, but he just knows the strangers are really, really bad.
try this?? with your "stranger problem ???"
get rid of them, get them out of your trash. they're gone, want to know why??? products and more, questions with products!
That's why he has to be the one to lead them. It's exciting – for the first time in his life, he's able to protect people. He's finally found a place where he belongs.
Space Madness, Act 1:
In the hopes of keeping North Mural safe from dangerous strangers, "Bliss City Rescue" is formed by Chuck Rockwell, Virgo, and a small group of other sensitives.
NO FEMMY GUYS!!! hey, you!! yeah, we said NO FEMMY!
wait !!! are you a "femmy guy"? and it said "masc only" ... you're not strong!
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Like to wrestle? Keep our streets safe!
@ ▚▚▗▘/▘▗/▗▟
BIG event this weekend at the Shamewood (entry fee)
@ ▟▜▞▚/▝▟/▘▙
Matatown players, leave your name here.
@ ▝▗▖▟/▝▘/▚▞
You can find out if you'd like to learn to meditate.
@ ▝▙▞▟/▟▙/▙▝
LIVE THAT LIFE!!! bday paaarty at the Slaughtahouse
@ ▘▛▛▟/▗▖/▘▜
you won't get a lick, he's just too slippery!
@ ▘▚▚▘/▗▗/▗▟
"Stranger Safety" event draws concern, suspicion
Just who are these "sensitives" – a newly formed support network for our city's minority communities, or scary, scary separatists normalizing mental illness? Everybody can assume that vigilance is warranted ...
Chuck wins the championship belt at Ultramania
It's the once-a-year interleague wrestling extravaganza (with Meaty Mouse playing this year's halftime). First, there are warm-up matches between the human wrestlers, followed by the fighters between people and strangers, leading up to the the big event, a spectacular showdown between , which is unexplored for now.
At the end of the night, Chuck walks away with the "human champion" belt around his waist.
It's not all working out like he planned, though, and the death of a friend hits him hard.
here's what you don't have
there goes your prize. now it's running away. ™
and they all trusted you ...
a few important words
whoops! it's out of control ...
spinning your wheels? butter fingers...! parts falling off cars... wait, you let your friend get killed too???
does it feel like you're not getting anywhere?
or, are you digging towards our rock bottom values?
Looks like you're not winning anytime soon!
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i can take down ANY stranger on the Class D-B tire list
▗▘▘▚/▞▜/▟▟ 10:10PM
$$ for charity- buy a private wrestling show for your whole crew!
@ ▞▞▚▛/▟▟/▘▘ 05:42PM
you thought I was gonna lose?? think again!
@ ▚▚▘▝/▗▗/▞▞ 01:30PM
@ ▘▟▟▜/▚▞/▗▛ 11:48PM
Still, he just knows – if he can take down the tower, he can turn everything back around.
Sometimes, it pays to be a little reckless.