Adrian Zhan
late 20s
210 lbs
signature color
blank white
screen name
The ambitious yet indifferent Adrian Zhan he/him moved to North Mural to begin an abrupt career as a journalist. His unassuming disposition and calculated life seem at odds with the showiness of his conspicuous cheek tattoos, which - much like his former military experience - he refuses to talk about. Default's sudden presence in his life rouses his connection to the half-diety, FM, as well as a world that some might know as "the Fade" - but what greater plans did it interrupt?
steady, systematic, incalculable
memorization, athleticism, keeping his cool
maxing out stats in video games
weapon of choice
modern condominium
fav. food
protein bar
fav. drink
protein drink
post-rock, avant-garde
90° angles, 60°F showers, most stones
car sounds, unexpected ingredients in meals
fun fact
knows the latin names for 4,201 animals
likes a range of body and personality types
feelings towards others
I don't get why Default is so hung up on this guy...
We've only met once or twice.
I'm helping him out for a little while. I'm not going to let him get hurt.
why does she seem so familiar?
I feel like I can trust him.
She's annoying.
strains encountered
As a blank, Adrian does not encounter strangers.
He's back. (Was he gone? It feels like he's been somewhere else for a long time.)
Mission Achieved – "We Did It"
With all overseas attempts at liberation now declared "totally accomplished" ...
description: abstract image denoting the collision event.
The Collision
At the moment of the bomb's explosion, the outer dimension of the Fade draws nearer to the structure of Space Madness. The collision between the two worlds exiles the gosdragon, FM, into city of North Mural. Lacking a physical body, the demigod's nurenform tethers itself to the thoughtform of Adrian Zhan, a blank.
It's not that he's lost.
But, that time feels like it belonged to another world. Like it wasn't him.
And it's not that he doesn't know who he is, or where he came from. It's more like this is all a dream... or, like he's been waiting, but didn't know it.
photography... it's great, but it's not the "real thing".
there's something you can't ever capture.
whoa, are you working out? like that??? okay IF...
you might get better results if you do it... letter-by-letter! that's how the greeks did it, or genghis khan, impressive to you is this secret, working out muscle by muscle, from the abductor digiti minimi to the zygomaticus!!!
You're that blank guy, right?
Yeah. And you're a psychic.
He's not sure why he does it.
So, you can come back with me.
(After a long pause, a hopeful smile.)
Yeah- alright. I'd like that.
Though, it's not easy for him to adjust to another person.
there's a way to make it better
so, there's someone new in your apartment.
and he's got a body, a human body with its own problems.
pet bed for human, put person in other room, now today $$$ SAVE
can't decide on a movie? you want to watch the story... and your partner's always...!
so horny but!!!? long movies with minimal story, three hour music videos, russian or other foreign, no dialogue, no scandinavian subtitles, concentrate and still multitask ¿½ »
wait, we weren't finished
do you want to make your weekend perfect?
what about the animal museum? © © © now, with less zebras !!!
this is no distraction, it's here to help
a million years... a million years is a long time.
do you think it'll finish... in a million years? YOUR DOWNLOAD. YOUR DOWNLOAD IS TAKING A MILLION YEARS.
working out your hallucis muscles much?
working out the Adductor Hallucis? or the Flexor Hallucis Brevis? what about your... hallucination muscles? are you seeing hallucinations that are impacting your ability to connect with your loved ones, or your CORE MUSCLE GROUPS?
But, the flash of the lighthouse is the glow of the bomb from the other side. FM is pulled out of the Fade, and exiled backwards in time to the start of Space Madness, where his nurenform entangles with the thoughtform of the blank, Adrian Zhan.