Xoridromella Oneirohazard
late 20s
sensitive (projector)
110 lbs
signature color
pantomime pink
screen name
Xoridromella Oneirohazard she/her is the head drama queen of North Mural, both in her career as a stage performer, and in her personal life, where her passion for the spotlight and demands for control make her a wrecking ball in the sensitive community. She performs each night in the small and avant-garde "Eye of Xanadu" theater, utilizing her projector abilities to mystify audiences and boost her own popularity. But will she ever win over the crowd?
narcissistic, dramatic, competitive
theatre performer
acrobatics, remembering names and faces, accents
sewing/tailoring, arguing online
weapon of choice
pocket pistol, cease and desist letter
rented room in old house
fav. food
strawberry cheesecake
fav. drink
vodka tonic
musicals, punk
victorian & goth fashion, fanmail, skin care products
being ignored, when elastic gets stretched out
fun fact
her birth name is Cynthia Bunderberger
feelings towards others
I've always seen him at parties, but never talked to him. He's really hot...is he ignoring me on purpose??
She's fun, but doesn't quite have the theatric flair I'm attracted to!
I hate this guy!!!!! He's always sending me mean comments!! Why is he such a pain in the ass??
Me and Chuck are such good friends! I need to ask him for a favor...
He's some kind of artist, right? Why doesn't he pay attention to me? His art's not even good!
It would be so amazing meeting her in person... I'm so jealous, I want to get her autograph!!
We're really good friends!! he was supposed to read the script for my play!!
She's not even a musician!!! can you imagine what I'd be able to do if I had her budget? life is NOT fair!!
She's MEAN!!! >:( and STUCK UP!!! I tried to give her makeup advice and she didn't even appreciate it!!
Valeks is great!! Even if I DON'T approve of some of his friends! >:(
I've barely met them. they totally ripped off some of my creative ideas!!
Don't talk to him, he's so unfriendly. doesn't he know how good we could be together??
sleep setup
a king-sized canopy bed
class background
upper class (her parents were able to pay for many private classes, and her full college tuition)
income level
her plays don't always turn a profit, but her parents have always been there to help her follow her dreams
preferred underwear
black and pink lingerie
physical insecurity
her boring natural hair color (which no one will ever find out about!!!)
fav. animal
FERRETS!!!! (Mustela putorius furo)
animal they'd be
Pomeranian (Canis lupus familiaris)
fav. movie
not yet unlocked
fav. school subject
theater, music, and art
dream job
her current job, but way more famous
unremarkable, aside from the glittery pink case, numerous stickers, and bite-marks on the antennae
strains encountered
strangers are listed in alphabetical order.
Aria Crush
Aria Love
After discovering her abilities as a projector sensitive, Xoridromella Oneirohazard begins to perform at the Eye of Xanadu theatre, using the effects from the hidden strangers in her elaborate show.
It takes little time for her to make her presence felt within the sensitive community.
Everyone's my fan, she says.
you're the main character!
are you up to at least 3.75% native american?? YOU could be entitled to:
scholarships, loans, academic titles, free minority leadership courses, it's in the cards, be an inspiration and overcome the odds
(And, why wouldn't they be? She always knew that she was special.)
"Eye of Xanadu" opens with spectacular opening night
and tickets sold out for weeks ...
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ADORABLE PIC: my fur-babies meet the newest diva!
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where do you claim a stranger??? LEGALLY its mine
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merch mega-sale and ONE OF A KIND ORIGINALS!!!
@ ▛▟▙▚/▙▜/▟▙ 09:18AM
you're so popular ... beacause, you are a GENIUS!!
the numbers can't deceive you.
The only problem is, not everyone agrees.
above: in Gutters, issue #10.
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RE: RE: RE: RE: copyright claims and ART THEFT!!?!?
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RE: reviews? what happened to solidarity?? LEAVING!!!!
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looking for a "strangersitter", MUST BE good with ferrets! NO DRUGGIES!!!!!
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it's not a vanity gallery!
get your art in a real art gallery, for a small appraisal fee we'll tell you if it's good enough - and we guarantee that yours is!
String of illnesses linked to theater district
Yes, it's their job to play pretend – but the headaches, nerve pain, rashes, and other mystery conditions may be more than just theatrical histrionics ...
take their ideas ... they weren't using them, anyway!
copyright deferral, imminent domain for intellectual property
don't call it a "scam" – it's a ferret!
mlm ferret opportunities now, the pet that sells itself
thinking about doing some specialty modeling?
hands or maybe.... a little bit of FEET??? those sad pathetic men, gross men with money and they'll worship you!
Dangerous conditions on Foster Avenue, say theater workers
It looks like some thespians may be taking "break a leg" a bit too literally – and breaking every other bone, while they're at it! ...
it's okay if you made a little "fib"
you didn't technically lie, beacause that was just "incidental negligence", you can solve meaningless concerns