Xoridromella Oneirohazard
date registered
not too long ago
looking for
performers, stage crew, patrons, and collectors
area of expertise
using strangers for the stage
relationship preferences
all hotties!! ;)
relationship status
zodiac sign
third eye
favorite stranger
about me
I am just a girl who dreams! I love to wow and entertain! I yearn for beauty and wonder!
what I'm doing with my life
I live for the stage!! Don't miss my shows at the Eye of Xanadu theater!
the first thing people usually notice about me
My dramatic entrance
first sensitive experience
When I first met the Xoridromel...
worst stranger experience
When my stagehands get damaged!!!
what's something most people don't know about you
I volunteer and make costumes for the children's theater
can't get views? attention?? you want more??? sock puppet, just "like a real fan" !!!
every xoridromel substrain??? no way!!
think it's fake? THINK AGAIN! xoridromello xoridromere xoride xoridroule xorixoriri xoriD¦roni¨ xorimori xoridremeº ½T xoridrexy Û ªñ ªº xori.exe

active listings

OOAK ART: OFFICIAL Eye of Xanadu Stranger - Sucrozynxy
listed on ▖▙▟▗/▟▚/▗▟ at 09:47AM

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too bad they're getting hurt...!!