Bracey W.
free spirit
date registered
sort of a while ago
looking for
friends, research associates, business connections, creative collaboration
area of expertise
technical work
relationship preferences
my bf!!!!!!!!
relationship status
zodiac sign
left hand
favorite stranger
anything ganeshi* !!
about me
heyyyyyyyyyy it's me, here to meet people and hook you up with a good time!!
what I'm doing with my life
making art with my boyfriend Default and taking care of a feral cat colony!!!! if you find a stray in need let me know, i'll keep them 100% safe from all dangerous strangers :)
the first thing people usually notice about me
probably my mesmerizing natural green eyes!!!!
first sensitive experience
i saw a tartreede behind my old apartment one morning while smoking a cigarette... i didn't have an up close and personal experience until a little later tho :)
worst stranger experience
whenever you don't expect that they're going to have a weird smell
what's something most people don't know about you
i don't have my driver's license :D

only the thickest, juiciest strangers, ready to tap ...
no one needs to know.. it'll be our little secret! because LOOK - ganeshidroni ganeshidranzy ganeshidrinxy tanzidroni tanzidori tanzidranx THOUSANDS of doses, nothing but šƒâ €Ã nonstop fat asses
it's true! you think they really like you?
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feelin low?? LOOK HERE!!!
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oooh la la!! bring me home!
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that's can't resist, it's just too good when they do everything you want!!! always get your way, hot pix, VIDS, DESPERATE !!!
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