O. North
researcher entrepreneur
date registered
not recently
looking for
research assistants, test subjects
area of expertise
stranger chemistry
relationship preferences
no thanks
relationship status
zodiac sign
favorite stranger
you keep meeting people, and they want to SHAKE HANDS?
industrial strength sanitizers, no more embarassing "people odors" on your body..!
about me
I have a PhD in organic chemistry and do day trading on the side.
what I'm doing with my life
I am researching stranger-derived materials for their potential practical applications.
the first thing people usually notice about me
I'm tall.
first sensitive experience
I found a tomodari on top of a building blaring club music.
worst stranger experience
Losing money at lossodrime gambling.
what's something most people don't know about you
I have a large gin collection.

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Teletroni Sample Needed - Laminates Incquire
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