the Courtesans
prefix ganeshi suffix droni
berencrux elegans
2 ft, 11 in
14 ft, 2 in
120 lbs
size variance
core temp.
46 years
no. appearing
1 (96%) / 2-3 (4%)
physical appearance
The ganeshidroni /ɡəˈnɛʃɪdroʊni/ is a floating, long-faced stranger with an elegant, subtly human build. Its soft skin is red at the head, hands, and tail, with shiny and obsidian tongue, teeth, and gums. Its flesh is dark, acidic, and when touched, irritates the skin. Jet black entrails fill the body cavity, along with a thick, coal-colored fluidƋ that also drips, sizzles, and evaporates once it lands. The substance is not hot or burning to the touch, however.Ђ
Ƌ Like ink. Something you can dip your pen into.
Ђ Once no longer in contact with the stranger's body or the air, its boiling point becomes extremely low.
Aside from its faint acrid odor, the ganeshidroni casts off only a slightly perfumed effluvium at close range. It scars when injured, and heals weakly.Ƙ
Ƙ Just little spasms. Just little inward pulls, it would need more to heal all the way.
The ganeshidroni's voice is soft and high in pitch. The stranger does not speak, but instead sighs and giggles with coy flirtatiousness.
Mmm. Ah, ah-ahhh.
environment and generation
The ganeshidroni can be found in houses and apartments, where it first floats in the air as a tiny, fetus-like form. While in this embryonic stage, it grows bigger and longer in looping, winding motions, and reaches full size within two to fourteen days. Four percent of the time, this fetus splits into two or three individuals, which remain in a group once formation is complete.
The ganeshidroni appears on the ground 1.7% of the time. These grounded or "collapsed" ganeshidroni grow in weighty and inelegant slumps, never gaining the ability to float. Once mature, they drag themselves along with great strain. These individuals suffer decreased stability and engage in only limited behaviours in comparison to their floating counterparts.
you knew you wanted to try
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But, that doesn't mean that they can't be cared for. Especially when they're all locked up, right?
behaviour and effects
The ganeshidroni's disposition is shrinking yet cunning, and the edges of its mouth curl forever up into a subtle smile. As it moves through its limited territory, it scratches the walls and other surfaces around it, tracing its route with claw marks.ɚ It uses its index finger to scratch off faces in photographs and works of art within reach, and knocks over vases and other delicate objects, an action which causes it to giggle to itself with a smug, knowing murmur. Although it does not react to animals, it does pound on and break bird cages and terrariums, and gasps with feigned surprise after spilling aquariums, giggling as fish flop and suffocate upon the floor below.
ɚ All the mirrors had been smashed and the portraits, already defaced. Eye-holes of each family member pierced through before the photograph was ripped up, and the pieces scattered all around the floor. Priceless, they had been. But that was what they got, preserving the Monarch's home like that. And, we were now observers to the sacraments.
Idilo Sonári, Last Armitage.
Long and deep.
The stranger stays within the building in which it appears, and never travels more than 321 feet from its point of generation. Although it is theoretically able to move between floors of a building, it leaves the story in which it appears only in exceptional circumstances.Ԧ There, it floats at a height of four to six feet, and wanders in long, drifting lines.
Ԧ Like, when someone takes them out of there.
Groups of ganeshidroni do not engage in direct actions towards one another, and exchange only furtive, sideways glances. Despite this overall social indifference, the stranger grows cruel and mocking towards collapsed individuals, which they throw things at, spit upon, and look down on with disdainful pride. Collapsed ganeshidroni, in turn, appear harmed by the presence of non-collapsed members of the strain, and writhe and sputter on the ground as their floating companions mock their death thralls with jeering pleasure.
So in a situation like that, it's more like you're rescuing them...that's what you're going to tell yourself, right?
The ganeshidroni is nocturnal, and is never seen during the day, shimmering to invisibility just as the morning light turns the horizon from black to peach.
interactions with sensitives
As the ganeshidroni's limited range leaves it primarily bound to private residences, encounters with sensitives are rare. When the stranger does generate within a sensitive's home, it tends to appear only when the sensitive is asleep. As such, even the most observant of residents may be unaware of the strain's explicit presence, and see only its side-effects – cracked family heirlooms, defaced portraits, and grooves on the wall.
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The ganeshidroni focuses most of its attention on sleeping individuals, towards whom it is sweetly aggressive. It attacks only by neck-breaking, and is highly succinct in these assaults.
When it encounters a non-sleeping sensitive, the ganeshidroni turns its face from side to side as though looking at the sensitive from the corner of its eye marking. Initially, it displays neither interest nor animosity, and does not avoid approach, purring and moaning when touched. If contact continues, however, the stranger begins to react to the stroking with gasps of mock offense – should this warning go unheeded, it attacks with a snarl, mouth agape, and its black saliva pouring out in bubbling streams. An enraged ganeshidroni becomes frantic and unpredictable as it knocks over furniture, rams its body against walls and closed doors, and attacks with slashing or biting motions. Even in this state, however, it will not move more than 321 feet away from its point of generation.
interactions with corpses
The ganeshidroni grabs and lifts up any dead human it finds, and carries or drags them while it strokes their cheeks or brushes their hair with its fingers. It treats the corpses like dolls, posing them naturalistically within its environment, often forcing objects into their rigor mortis-stiffened hands. Rarely, it does attempt to break the corpse's neck by twisting at the head with repeated wrenching motions, and when these twists fail to elicit a response, the ganeshidroni pounds at the corpse's face for several minutes before moving away in displeasure. Otherwise, the ganeshidroni abandons these corpses once it has grown bored of them, and displays no further regard for their presence.
aging and death
At the end of its life, the ganeshidroni ceases all forward locomotion with a sudden twitch, and lets out a whimper of dismay as it tightens its hands around its head or snout to twist and break its own neck. Its corpse then drops to the floor, turns black, and fizzles away within four to seventeen minutes. It leaves only a dark stain behind. Other ganeshidroni giggle with bemused satisfaction when they pass over these stains, but otherwise waste no time in returning to their own scornful lives.
strangely alluring?
diverse variety of substrains
whenever you meet a "ganeshidroni person", they're always some weirdo