the duplicators
prefix sor suffix -
esondre non-uus
1 ft, 11 in
10 ft, 9 in
size variance
core temp.
( see entry )
3-10 hours
no. appearing
physical appearance
The sor /sɔː/ is a floating, dark-colored stranger with x-shaped eye markings and numerous nubs in the place of legs. It is similar to the es in terms of appearance, albeit with a less bulky form. Like the es, the sor's body is composed uniformly of an odorless, doughy material, which offers little resistance to being parted by most objects.
Despite its malleability, this strain possesses incredible regenerative ability, and all wounds tend to close almost instantly, making it nearly invulnerable to outright destruction. Even flamethrowers or grenades do little to affect it, and while freezing weather slows it, it does not kill it.
The sor speaks through a faint but rumbling voice (with most individuals speaking too quietly to be heard without sound-amplifying devices), its tone wavering and stammering, as though having suffered deep trauma. Its language is simple and inconsistent between individuals, as is its pitch, with 76% of sor tending towards the higher end of this range.
voice 1. "wo xi xian wo wou."
voice 2. "kaligon drevit do noriwoux xian."
voice 7. "lintec indressre telic intelic linten."
Woxio xiu woruan xian ru xan.
environment and generation
The sor only appears in cities already containing an es, with 0.28 incidences per year. It generates in a wide range of outdoor areas, and only during heavily overcast weather or rainless thunderstorms, where it shudders into view with a brief distortion of black, cloud-like undulations at the edges of its body, which becomes solid without delay.
Our children play in the empty houses; they're playing with matches.
Alex Muto. The Inaugural Collapse.
behaviour and effects
The sor displays a detached and cold disposition, and appears perpetually distanced from its surroundings. It floats at a height of five to seven feet, and moves at a slow but steady rate, like a passing cloud. It drifts from place to place in straight lines, and when it hits a wall or other similar obstacle, deflects at an angle to change its direction. When it encounters smaller obstacles, such as signposts or columns, its body cleanly parts, allowing it to travel through chain-link fences or iron bars with no difficulty. It mumbles to itself as it moves, and speaks more in the presence of images of people, such as those on posters and billboards.
The night poured like black butter onto the scene...
Idilo Sonári. Dos Vorzego.
So, you're left behind. It's getting away from you again.
interactions with sensitives
The sor reacts to sensitives by creating lifeless duplicates of any individual who comes within 43 feet of its body. These copies are generated within its flesh, and drop from the stranger's underside onto the ground below. These duplicates superficially resemble human corpses, but lack any internal structure, and are instead composed of solid flesh that is several shades lighter than the original skin tone. When there is more than one person within a 43-foot radius, the body that the sor creates resembles a deformed, patchwork amalgam of these individuals.
As long as there is a sensitive within range, the sor creates one of these bodies every thirteen minutes. These duplicates melt in on themselves, shrink in size, and disappear within several minutes, leaving no residue behind.
The sor dissolves all flesh and bone that comes in contact with its body. This rate of dissolution varies depending on how much physical contact is made, and increases at an exponential rate. Someone who lightly touches the sor's surface experiences weak prickle as their skin is slowly disintegrated, while someone who plunges their entire hand in the sor's body loses all submerged flesh and bone in a matter of seconds.
After being touched by a sensitive, the sor creates a new body every thirteen seconds. Each body it creates in this fashion is less perfect𐆖 than the last, until these bodies no longer resemble human forms, but instead become oblong lumps of solid flesh. Creating bodies in rapid succession like this drastically decreases the sor's lifespan and stability, and a sor rarely survives longer than 1,987 seconds following physical contact with a sensitive.
iteration 1. an absence of wrinkles.
iteration 3. dimples for eye sockets and mouth.
iteration 4. made of rubber strands.
iteration 8. rounded hands, toeless feet.
iteration 14. more flesh than hair.
iteration 15. more hair than spirit.
iteration 16. no spirit, know nothing.
iteration 28. shapes inside a sleeping bag.
After interacting with the sor, 1% of sensitives experience intermittent but lifelong out-of-body experiences immediately prior to sleep.
aging and death
The sor's body grows weaker as it ages, until it breaks apart and dissolves in the air when it hits the wall, leaving behind the faint smell of rotting flesh, and a whimper that hangs in the air and then fades away.