the Imposters
prefix es suffix -
esondre non
4 ft
13 ft, 8 in
373 lbs
size variance
core temp.
see entry
24-77 years
no. appearing
physical appearance
The es /ɛs/ is a many-legged stranger with a solid white body, and circular black eye markings. Its body is composed of a putty-like substance that contains no internal organs. The es moves by pulling itself forward on the multitude of small legs that emerge its underside; these legs extend from and recede into its body as needed. The small toes turn red upon touching the ground, and fade back to white once they pull away.
The malleable flesh resists significant deformation and destruction; it is difficult to pull or tear apart, and regenerative ability is nearly instantaneous. It is, however, vulnerable to extreme temperatures. Cold temperatures cause it to harden and freeze, while heat softens it, until it melts into a gooey white sludge at temperatures above 120°F.
The es makes no sound.
the sounds muffled beneath the heavily condensed body go unheard.
environment and generation
The es appears in a wide range of locations, with no particular environmental preference. No more than one es occupies a city at a given time, with the generation of a single es occurring less than once every 0.28 years. When it generates, it fades into view with a dull, flickering shimmer. Already mature, the es looks around with a curious bewilderment,Ҷ then settles itself, and starts to move through the city.
Ҷ As though displaced from someplace familiar into a strange, new world.
behaviour and effects
The es' disposition is measured and cautious, and it moves in meandering paths through its territory (which often encompasses the entirety of the city in which it appears). Although it does not engage in any direct actions towards the world around it, it does appear curious towards its surroundings, and will stop to admire the spraypaint lines of a wallside's intricate murals, the lushly decorated storefronts of a pre-dawn shopping row, and the flashing dance of police lights across the water.
Because the es' bodily composition is vulnerable to temperatures, it seeks shelter in the cold, and avoids the sun during hot days. It is common to see an es curled up near a radiator or piece of warm machinery during winter, or tucked beneath a shadowy awning during the summer. In the coldest weather, it picks up newspapers, discarded rags, and other scraps of debris, which it presses into its body to create a sort of insulating cocoon. Once these objects are no longer needed, the es shakes them off with a fluid turning motion and retains no dirt or particles upon its flesh, although newspaper or magazine pigment will, on occasion, leave faint lines and brief images upon the es' skin. These images last only several hours before becoming bleached away by the es' ever-white surface.
The es is unable to respond to animals in any way. Even when attacked by hungry dogs or flocks of crows, its behaviour does not deviate from its usual routine, and it continues to display complete ignorance of all animals even as they tear its body to pieces.
better than any fantasy
do you want to have a holographic experience?
all of those waves, going into your body ... what could it all be? maybe you shouldn't do this but holograms, light show, like a concert, no-contact experience, see it all inside our kaleido-chamber, powered by the fully motorized, fresh ·¥ ¤ ¤§ ¬ »
On streets awaiting morning footsteps, an es struggles to conceal itself as it "seeks shelter" from the chill. The words, "I don't think you're going to make it," are spoken just out of view, but the implication is never clarified, and attention is soon diverted.
production of replicas
Over the course of its wanders, the es generates holographic, ghost-like replicas of human beings, which resemble the the specific people living in the city. A healthy es creates one of these imitations every 10-2,785 seconds, in a range of naturalistic poses. These replicas are not unique; the es may create facsimiles of the same person many times over.
Pinpricks of color will flicker into view, and grow larger at a gradual rate. New sections will come one by one afterwards, and then soon, the outline of a person, like a hologram – transparent, and shimmering, but three-dimensional, with really crisp details.
Elly Prauzner, Anomalies in NTSC-K vacuum tubes.
Standing or sitting, they seem neutral, or happy.
Under normal circumstances, these imitations are 99.97% accurate in appearance to their inspiration. Like the es itself, they cannot be seen by standard individuals, and vanish when touched. The es winces when a nearby replica is destroyed, but otherwise, remains unaffected. Replicas persist until dissipated by outside forces.
interactions with sensitives
The es actively avoids any sensitive that it encounters, and scurries away when noticed. It does not grow emotional, but never ceases its aversion. If pursued, the es creates holograms of its assailant in rapid sequence. Capable of climbing walls when necessary, it avoids much direct contact.
Their arms are raised to protect their face; they're frozen in fearful gestures.
Should a sensitive touch an imitation of themselves, they become overtaken by an intense desire to be inside of the es. This desire may arise instantaneously, or, it may take months, or even years, to take effect. The mesmerized individual has no way of expressing this desire to themselves or others. They abandon everything else in their life in favor of following the es around the city.
Should they manage to corner the es, they press their body against the es' side and force themselves inside of the stranger's soft flesh. The es squirms and struggles, terrified by this assault. Once inside, the afflicted sensitive suffocates to death, forcing the es to either brutally yank the person from its body, or leave the corpse to fester.Ң
But it rips its whole body out when it does that. I mean – it rips it open.
Ң The corpse festers. The es gets sick; it decomposes from the inside out, and it dies.
Otherwise, the es is not dangerous. When attacked, it holds its head in its hands and shakes,Ӽ gives up, then grows still.
Ӽ " though crying in silent sadness?"
There's not much point in it resisting anymore.
The es is basically harmless and if you want to touch its hologram things, no one'll stop you. But don't touch a hologram of yourself, it's not going to help you awaken a new dimension of your self, or align your chakras, it's just gonna make you want to stuff your whole body inside of it at a time and date you won't even be able to predict. So if one of your friends has started following an es around all the time, and we mean ALL the time, your best bet is to get in touch with his older brother who has a truck, ambush your friend together, toss him in the back of the truck, drive off and keep him somewhere safe until the effect wears off, preferably someplace where people scream a lot of the time otherwise the cops might show up. Also we've all heard reports by now that the es is a breeding ground for disease and at this point let's take it seriously.
danger rating: never touch your own hologram
and, what happens when it's found?
Drone unit used as space probe core
Can it reveal the lost satellite?
▜▚ The conditions needed to generate the once-rare es are discovered relatively early-on in the VHZ era, which may account for its widespread use in the "throwaway space race games" that several nations engaged in to help encourage new exploration and trash disposal technology. The es's entry for Zeroworld alludes to just one out of hundreds of half-started projects.
finally, you've found it
Es projection, holographic parties, one-person parties in your room!
Wow, wow! Who likes to party? Hang out with a HOLOGRAM?? that looks like a real celebrity, purchase extra credits now and they'll even pretend to be your friend O ­Ó ©v ¦?? no ©
Satellite loses signal
Space project abandoned after repeated attempts to restart; inner mysteries of white hole remain unknown ...
aging and death
The es is susceptible to infection caused by human pathogens.Ҽ Unless destroyed by outside forces, every es eventually dies due to complications from human illnesses. A sick es develops a wide range of symptomsҘ that parallel, but do not perfectly imitate various human illnesses.
a cowpox.
b Blotchman's influenza.
c swine flu.
d mattresspox.
e Sentinelese polio.
a reddening or yellowing of the flesh.
b ulcers on its skin.
c sluggish movements.
The rashes look painted on, the sores are more like rust or mold, and it's faking the stagger in its steps.
The es does not alter its behaviour in response to illness. It continues to roam and create replicas, which, during the first stages of disease, deviate from normal imitations in only small ways; their faces are angry or sad, or they stand in strained, agonized poses. As the es' illness progresses, its replicas show up with wounds, and most specificially, with bleeding eyesҤ or mouths. Eventually, the es creates replicas missing arms, legs, or with mutated or distorted features. During the es' final days, it creates only detached limbs or severed heads.
Ҥ yeah, absolutely poured-in with blood.
here's something else you can fix
"we heard you wanted to...
align your chakra?"
stop!! you might not be experiencing inner tranquility!! your energy could be out of balance, you might be getting dizzy, your own chi might be trying to betray you, ¹ï get fast and easy meditation, ¤µ ÁÙ ¶ »
At the end of its life, the es collapses to the ground; it splatters out, and the corpse liquifies completely within minutes. The fluid flows down like paint, but disappears by the end of the calendar day, and does not leave a mark.
...but, which calendar?
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