goodbye strangers presents...
Zeroworld, created by two North Mural artists, is an adventure RPG game based on the obscure Pocket Monsters franchise. While the series enjoys some popularity following its release as freeware, it attains infamy for its seemingly prophetic messages when it is recovered during the VHZ era.
The game, like Matatown, is one of many digital artifacts unearthed in the extensive mining of the pre-Flood era, where it is found on an intact hard drive, trapped in an underground filled up by old computers, tangled film reels, rusted radios, burned-up, bulldozed-over dead zoos, plastic bags, and billions and billions of published but unread works of literature.
By this time, "unextracted strangers" are a thing of the past. You know them through movies, cartoons, cereal box mascots, and the coveted drone units. Did they really used to show up in the wild...?