Goodbye Strangers, condensed.
the sanguine suit
These were the ones who took such joy in our dismay, and they started by singing false praises.
deep water stranger
The biggest ones will never come up to the surface. Even small ones put water into your blood.
simple stranger
Its picking behaviour can be bothersome to those around it. There's not much to do with it.
playtime stranger
It has a lot of fun singing songs and posing in different ways.
pet stranger
Matadroli aren't really pets but the resemblance is hard to ignore.
waterballoon stranger
One merridronel can multiply into hundreds. It seems to come back no matter what.
candle stranger
It is too shy to be your friend, but it says "hello" all the same.
figural stranger
It hates to be touched. It's hard to watch television when the skekidroni is around.
disinfecting stranger
It's able to share its body with its companions. It lives in a hospital.
ghoulish stranger
Corpses go in its mouth but it does not eat them. They do not fight.
inflated stranger
A tsinidrinzi by itself has a hard time getting around. Groups of them visit landmarks together.
strong swimmer stranger
It can survive out of water. You can write letters with its ink.
severed head stranger
The head doesn't seem connected to this stranger. But if you destroy the head, the lume dies, too.
false tears stranger
Don't be fooled by its bloody tears. It is always happy, especially when it throws up.
the choleric suit
These were the ones who sought to end us, and they started by coveting that which they lacked.
covetous stranger
The haledroni loves people, and things that are shaped like people. Its mood changes quickly.
conformational stranger
It can make people uncomfortable with its habits, or turned on. It is very strong, but lazy.
road kill stranger
Its body becomes infested with bugs and maggots. You wouldn't want to be alone with it.
hot temperature stranger
It isn't as hot as the sun but it will still burn you. When its fire goes out it dies.
patrol stranger
This stranger is always looking for something, and when it finds it, you hear a noise forever.
knife stranger
It loves to cut things into pieces, and it doesn't even need its blade to do so.
royalty stranger
Each one looks a little different. It doesn't like to look at photos.
opera stranger
You'd have to swim very deep to meet a sistrini. Its body is filled with poisonous chemicals.
perfume stranger
Vermillieri wish they could last all year but winter is too cold for it.
tunnel stranger
It is dangerous to go inside this stranger. Even x-rays can't show you the inside.
romance stranger
The lindroni only wants to play with men. It makes them feel good, and then kills them.
zealous stranger
It seems really bothered by something. Anyone at arm's reach gets taken apart.
filthy stranger
It searches for treasure in the junkyard, though its trove may not have much value.
the melancholic suit
These were the ones who shared all of our miseries, and they started by surrendering without a fight.
defenseless stranger
Big or small, it loves conversation. It needs to stay in its chamber.
counterfeit stranger
It makes copies of objects nearby, but you can always tell that they are fake.
crowd stranger
You cannot touch this stranger. It seems to know everyone and fades away when left alone.
delicate stranger
It looks like it's dancing to music, but you can't hear any.
garden glow stranger
Even though it is found in parks, it is careful to move so that it won't break into a zillion pieces.
soft footed stranger
It is a very quiet stranger but will always be there for its friends.
milk-white stranger
Its interactions with people are on a time limit. It makes white objects glow.
pairing stranger
Anything you do to one happens to the other.
weary stranger
It likes its peace and solitude. If you hit it, it becomes hard as a statue.
sleepy stranger
It gets longer than most skyscrapers. You can see it dreaming.
joyful stranger
When it dies, it dies happily. Allowing it to feed on your blood doesn't always end badly.
housefire stranger
It doesn't set fires, but it's always there when they happen.
mournful stranger
The buledroni is always sad. Nothing makes it happy.
the phlegmatic suit
These were the ones who felt little in particular, and they started by watching in silence.
light stranger
This unusual stranger seems to keep the peace, but it doesn't last forever.
frigid stranger
Nothing is ever too cold for the coldroni. It gets smaller in the sun.
radio stranger
The kerodroni can climb the tallest buildings. You need a radio to hear its voice.
time stranger
Time stands still around this stranger. But, you will still feel everything that happens.
ragged stranger
It cannot move on its own. Safe to touch as long as you wear gloves.
schooling stranger
They're always in a hurry to go somewhere. You'd never know there were so many around.
appetite stranger
It wishes it could eat dinner all day long. It likes the biggest portion possible.
reflective eye stranger
The black parts are soft, but the rest of its body is so hard that even hammers or knives won't affect it for long.
traveling stranger
Going near this stranger is extremely unhealthy to those who can see it but it can be easily avoided.
lost stranger
It creates millions of images of people over its lifetime. Each one looks like a real person.
debug stranger
This stranger copies itself when it finds a fork in the road. When it encounters a copy, it disappears.
gridwork stranger
It speaks so slowly that it would take a thousand years to recite a single poem.
false eye stranger
Nothing escapes a condroni's notice. Every single one of its eyes is fake.
northern hemisphere
protector stranger
It passes the time by wrestling with its friends. If you're feeling strong, you can join in.
quadrant stranger
It divides four sections of a quadrant. I guess it's keeping score.
southern hemisphere
guard dog stranger
It keeps watch over buildings, and never lets you go inside. What is it hiding...?
footstep stranger
Something really hurt it. It tries to straighten out its ruined face.
morbid stranger
It's never in a very good mood. Your skeleton might feel different after you meet it.
sentimental stranger
Do you hear the sound of distant bells? A harikrin might close by.
gyre stranger
It has been denied its wishes.
spanning stranger
While standing on a bridge, a pulse is emitted from his belly. It doesn't seem to do anything...
sawtooth stranger
The trosodore doesn't have a mouth, and tries to bite you over and over.
dead-end stranger
It's better to put up with its tantrums than give into what it wants.
half-and-half stranger
You can pull its top and bottom apart. Some people like the taste a lot.
stand-in stranger
It looks like it's eating its friend. But it's just the other half of its body.
anamnesis stranger
Gives sensitives a brief ability: they can repeat conversations perfectly, but it won't last long.
dumm⁠y-making stranger
Floats, no interest towards anything. Creates human bodies inside its stomach.
freak friend stranger
Hides in shadows and ties strings across a room. If grabs you, but it doesn't hurt you.
fake flame stranger
It makes a fire that doesn't burn. You could set your fingers on fire...
cat's cradle stranger
It sticks some string around its nose. Where it goes, nobody knows.
secret stranger
It only comes out at the darkest night hour, and only for a little while.
testing stranger
When it shows up, it shows up first. Its colors change depending on what strains come next.
luck stranger
Pupils or no pupils, it moves around with difficulty. Plucking its legs could be good luck.
remote stranger
Isolated metropoles might have a toribori. There is one for every million people.
anechoic stranger
Its head and tail turn flat. When they touch, it changes the closest sounds.
piling stranger
A big heap! A really big heap. They're all stuck together!
effigy stranger
A stranger that looks handmade. You can see the fingerprint marks.
tactile stranger
It's hard to get a grip on. Heightens some sensations, but makes others go away.
sickle-shape stranger
It uses its hooked nose to hunt. You find it in the gutters.
electroshock stranger
The zagrideri likes its quiet. To get some, it might even cause a blackout.
simpatico stranger
It finally happened one day. An old woman made friends with a nobitrome.
tiny killer stranger
Though it looks like a toy, you wouldn't give it to your friend.
パレード stranger
Its somber demeanor makes it out-of-place in a parade. It's all the same, a spectacle.
erroneous eye stranger
Watch out! It can't.
sick day stranger
It's so delicate that even one push makes it splash apart. Wash your hands if you pet it!
cold cryer stranger
It's very warm, and soothing to the touch. It will follow you in the cold, leaving behind a trail.
poor boundaries stranger
It doesn't seem to know what it wants. It has some dependency issues.
messy stranger
This stranger isn't dirty, but it scatters everything. Your room won't stay tidy.
祭り stranger
The hypodoxy wants to be your friend from a very big distance. It is too fragile to hug.
misbehaviour stranger
It likes to cause mischief. "Fun! It's so fun!" It rolls around.
color flip stranger
Your mood changes quickly when you've seen the taritari. It is a new color each time you look.
home movies stranger
It shines light from its mouth, like a movie projector. The scenes are people's memories.