the Fountains
prefix fressi suffix drene
indefinium monumentouxe
8 ft, 8 in
273,090+ lbs
size variance
core temp.
124-135 years
no. appearing
1 (98.1%) / 2 (1.9%)
physical appearance
The fressidrene /ˈfrɛzɪdriːn/ is an immense and immobile cement stranger which appears to be partially embedded in the earth, woven in-and-out in a twisting formation. The vertically-aligned head is always above ground, while the tip of its tail is never exposed. The stranger's outer surface is a dull, greenish teal, with singular eye markings on both the top and bottom jaw, and an inner surface that is pinkish in hue. Its long and rust-colored teeth twist and curl independently of one another, although this movement is nearly imperceptible most of the time. The fressidrene is invariably cool to the touch, and its flesh is roughly 1'-1'11" in thickness. Its hollow body retains an internal temperature of 63.5°F.
Even in the heat of summer.
surface pigment varieties
1. balicovic / 2. calizantri / 3. belirritant / 4. fantasticant / 5. spravent / 6. spraventi / 7. enduritant
While its body can be broken apart by any powerful or heavy enough tool (such as a jackhammer or sledgehammer), the fressidrene possesses incredible regenerative ability, and cracks in its surface fill in within seconds of injury. As such, it is fundamentally impossible to destroy via physical means.
The fressidrene speaks in a language common to the region in which it occurs, but only rarely (5% of the time) does it use the most widely-spoken language. Its voice does not resemble the average speaker, and invariably presents with what sounds like a speech impediment or heavy accent. The perceived pitch and age appear random.
environment and generation
The fressidrene appears in open, undeveloped areas, with no preference for indoor versus outdoor locations. It generates more frequently around echoes and dull, low shudders, and it prefers shades of grey to color and warmth. Its specific generation and growth are not observed, however.
a cement pillars with black and white spraypainted tags as high as can be reached.
b plastic tarp over chain link fence.
c highway barriers.
In 1.9% of instances, two fressidrene appear, curled in frozen, fight-like formations, each one's teeth embedded in the other's neck, their bodies wrapped firm, as though hoping to strangle their companions. Aside from the slight curls of their teeth, however, they do not move, and the role of victor remains unclaimed.Щ
Щ And beneath the earth, lay trapped the fountain kings with pipes a thousand inches thick – a knot, a tangle, a stagnant battle.
Ivory Bloom. Garrote & The Seven Walls of Mercy.
Most rarely, 0.6% of fressidrene appear inside houses, and, in these constricted spaces, weave in and out of the walls, floor, and the ceiling. These "aberrant fressidrene" may only be seen once, if at all; their lifespans, severely truncated by such deviation.
generative habitat notes
generation estimated at 1:03AM-1:42AM, 25/02/16
in Blacktop Abandon (unmarked lot, east)
notable factors
1. cement barricades
2. lots and lots of graffiti!
3. countless cigarette butts, crushed cans, bottlecaps
4. 29 small tufts of grass
I was so close! grrr
note to self: graffiti on walls
could increase warehouse's value as event space
The fressidrene's acrimonious demeanor is tempered only by its suspended form. Aside from a slight shifting of the mouth or teeth's position, the stranger does not move, nor does it engage in any immediately visible actions towards with the world around it.
A movement that, much like their generation, remains unobserved.
interactions with sensitives, and false cries for help
When a sensitive approaches the fressidrene, the stranger speaks in a voice that sounds like a person crying for help. These cries emanate from deep within its hollow body, and grow more desperate as the sensitive approaches. A more heroic individual may find themselves compelled to crawl into the stranger's mouth to search for someone trapped inside. Once they do, however, the fressidrene's voice shifts into a bellowing, jeering laugh, as though mocking the display at altruism. This laughter continues until the sensitive either leaves the stranger's territory, or is killed.
don't ignore these words!
help!! I'm being held hostage ... by BARGAINS
i can't get out of this pit of values! i don't want to stop spending with deals this good, help, don't come this way! »
there aren't any MATTRESSES inside...
we're not trying to "fool" you !
don't tell me ... it happened to you, too? you bought a house, but there are already too many mattresses??
Although the fressidrene is not directly predatory, it can easily prove fatal to any sensitive that becomes trapped inside its body, its slick inner walls and difficult angles making escape challenging, at best. Corpses do not disappear inside the fressidrene, and thus, more dangerous individuals can be identified by the sickly-sour smell that emanates upward from their mouths.
Ʈ There's no grave to leave roses on,
There's not even a body to desecrate.
Carrie Sands, Strange Saviors.
The fressidrene displays a slight loss of stability when around sensitives. Touching the stranger for a prolonged period of time causes it to develop a harmless, soft, "rust" affliction, which can be scraped off with a fingernail, and eventually fades on its own.
Even if your brown-eyed construction worker friend lets you borrow his jackhammer, you can't break this stranger. Before you even try to do that though, or start to throw garbage into its mouth, you'd better check if there's an actual person inside. But make sure you can pull yourself back up if you're going to be lowering yourself inside. We hear stories every year about a bunch of drunk sensitives playing around, climbing, and the next morning there's an incident with four or five dead bodies, the maximum might even be around ten people who got completely pranked inside one of these guys.
danger rating: you might get stuck inside
aging and death
The moment of the fressidrene's death, like its birth, is unseen. One day, it is present, and the next day, absent. It leaves no indentations on the earth, gaps behind in its wake, or any other evidence it was ever there at all.
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Are you still asking, "what's it worth?"
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