the Patrolmen
prefix zaro suffix droni
zszsphyxxi el-schruudirszzyh
1 ft, 4 in
15 ft
75 lbs
size variance
core temp.
10,000 days
no. appearing
physical appearance
The zarodroni /ˈzɛərəʊdroʊni/ is a pointy-faced stranger with thin yellow stripes and sharp, thin fingers. The smooth skin displays retroreflective properties, and appears to shine brightly when reflecting even dim light, such as that from a cellular phone. The body cavity is filled with tough, fibrous cables, which darken and crinkle when exposed to air. The limbs do not move, but instead remain splayed. Despite its rigid posture, the zarodroni is a highly mobile stranger, and levitates swiftly.Ҳ
Ҳ you remember drones? It moves sort of like a hovering drone. It stirs up the air around it; you can see paper scraps, wrappers get scattered.
Though the zarodroni possesses no regenerative ability, its elevation allows it to resist wear-and-tear.
It constantly emits a whirring, electrical sound, but is otherwise silent.
0037[zaro]droni (notes)
The zarodroni's outer coat consists of microscopic quadrilateral prisms built out of a glass-like material suspended in a pseudo-rubber matrix, allowing it to bend freely. The tiny crystal panes reflect light back and forth so well that it fills with the coating with luminescence. The crystals also vibrate at a high but variable frequency, possibly accounting for this strain's infamous buzzing. Perhaps they can focus the sound waves into sonic weapons? »
yes, we did it for you!
you can't afford to look away !!!
the police have already been notified, you have new messages
hi, we're the police, and we're watching you online until you purchase gift cards, regional clearance tokens ©, mattress vouchers¬° and more, or else we'll tell everyone ...
is that tinnitis, or ?
do you have a sound you always hear, and it goes on forever, deeper into your mind, and it won't stop getting louder? congratulations, you're in luck, ...
a droning ring, now more mechanical than before.
environment and generation
The zarodroni generates between tall buildings, over busy streets, and in the shadows of major monuments within a city. It flickers into view with a staticky shimmer, already in motion as the small distortions coalesce and solidify to form its body, in a process taking anywhere from eighty seconds to ten minutes.
generative habitat notes
generation induced 26/05/22 outside Gastreau Police Station
notable factors
1. at least five buildings of over four stories in height
2. busy street crossing – traffic of about 20 cars per hour
3. sound-activated cameras
4. red hell wave amplifier
first use of red hell waves to induce stranger formation
outside of a controlled environment!!
behaviour, effects, and pursuit of sensitives
The zarodroni possesses a militant demeanor. It remains at a height of ten to forty feet above the ground, and patrols in consistent and thorough routes over roads and between buildings, its pulsing sound bouncing against the sides of empty dumpsters and aluminium walls.
The stranger tends to appear in a group, which floats in a circular, linear, or triangular formation. Individuals remain together, but do not otherwise interact with one another.
we wanted you to hear...
wait, wasn't that a siren?
that might be the cops - be careful! what if you get caught?
interactions with sensitives
The zarodroni specifically seeks out and hunts sensitives, seeming able to hone in on their location at a range of several blocks. Upon locating its quarry, the stranger moves closer to the ground, and circles the sensitive with a relentless intensity.
Though it does not physically attack, the zarodroni's presence causes a wide range of physical symptoms, such as headaches, nausea, paralysis, muscular spasms, and, rarely, seizures and aneurysms. In addition, looking at the stranger causes the sensation of very mild electric shock.Ƶ
Ƶ I looked out from the window across the river to the buildings, and as my eyes scanned the skyline, there it was again! ...that sudden jolt.
Ricarda Pointe Shearer, I Remember Muralia.
While the zarorodroni is not impossible to elude (as the strain appears incapable of going indoors, or into tight, cramped spaces of any kind), any close and prolonged encounter will prove fatalƜ to the sensitive.
Ɯ Ten minutes, and you're done. That's what everyone says.
A murderous strain, zarodroni WILL hunt you down and kill you and should NEVER be approached! They can induce lethal neurological symptoms including seizures. If you spot a zarodroni, get indoors as fast as you can and contact your local sensitive patrol immediately. Zarodroni should only be approached by experienced dissemblers.
danger rating: super bad and scary
long term effects
Exactly 16.7778% of sensitives who survive close zarodroni encounters report a phenomenon known as zaro zzyx or zarosorivritis (colloquially, "the patrolman's itch," "little ears," "true survivor's guilt," or, simply, "the sound"). A sensitive afflicted with zarosorivritis first experiences a quiet, yet siren-like noise, just barely on the edge of their hearing, which grows louder and more centralized over the course of several weeks. Once the sound reaches full volume, it becomes so loud that all other audio seems reduced to a faint, tinny hum.
The phenomenon is incessant, and persists even during dreams. It has no physiological basis,Ϟ and its effects cannot be analyzed. Sufferers have been known to carve out their own eardrums, sometimes to the point of brain damage, in the hopes of silencing the sound. Even if complete physical deafness is achieved, however, there is no cure, and the sound continues to be perceived, louder than ever in the absence of competing stimulus.
Ϟ There's something wrong with their brains, they're saying. Something wrong with how they see the world; they need to be operated on.
Zenno Harukatzi, Brakes.
effects and STUFF!!!!
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[ music | MSI- Beat Me Up ]
So, Argona had a bunch of notes sitting out about the zarodroni. and like. I only saw one once. The truth is, it's kind of scary, you know? Like the cops... or seeing car lights make shadows on the ceiling when you're a kid, trying to sleep at night.
I was coming home. I'd just put down Vickie Lane #4 so I was NOT in a good mood. But I did hear this weird noise. And I freaked out!!! Cuz like. EVERYONE freaks out about certain ones. and even so, people think, if you're a dissembler, you're not scared of anything. But that's not true at all...!! yeah okay so I'm not scared of getting hurt by strangers most of the time. but it's freaky as fuqq when i'm just trying to get home and there's some weird thing following me and imitating someone i hate. like come onnnnnn. it's not like i want to have some shitty thing diving at my head even if it's not going to kill me?? most people don't even have to see all this!!!!
YEAH okay i know i can't complain when i know it's much more FUN if I do things my way down here. it's very very cool being able to experience new things too... like seeing into different dimensions and stuff. and meeting new dolls :)
tagged: zrrrrrrrrr noises and STUFF
Due to the disruption to sleep, thought, and communication, an affected sensitive rarely survives more than two months.
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advancement and death
As a zarodroni reaches the end of its life, it inevitably undergoes a process known as advancement. Its stance begins to tilt and wobble, and it drifts closer and closer to the ground until it settles with a sliding grind – and, after several minutes of stillness, begins to move its limbs for the first time.
The "advancing" zarodroni crawls forward, its expression one of distress,Ԥ and its movements strained. Its snout parts and opens to display a ragged, short-toothed mouth, allowing the normally voiceless stranger to gaspɯ out its final appeals.
Ԥ It turns its head away from its hands...almost like it's scared of where they might take it.
ɯ Like an old train, scraping to a stop on rusted-out breaks.
Nearby groups of zarodroni are drawn to any advancing individuals, and circle above like vultures as their former co-conspirator writhes and drags itself forward. The group above emit their pulsing, siren-like call at louder and louder volumes, and as their sirens grow more cacophonous, so too does the zarodroni below begin to wither away. It clutches at itself and its surroundings in a desperate scramble as its mouth opens wider and wider, and its flesh begins to rot alive, losing its retroreflective glow. As the zarodroni dies, it does so with a warbling tone, and melts to a silvery, x-shaped layer of metal. The group above ceases their circling motions and return again to their relentless patrol, paying no more attention to the aluminium mark that remains, and does not decay.
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