the Constituents
prefix pinzi suffix drote
lim limus
2 in
1 ft, 1 in
11 oz
size variance
core temp.
3 minutes-16 days
no. appearing
physical appearance
The pinzidrote /ˈpɪnzɪdroʊt/ is a small, green, worm-like stranger that possesses a single eye marking halfway down its body. Although its thin layer of outer skin is smooth and rubbery, its inner flesh is waxy and flaky, and breaks apart when twisted or crushed. The strain has no regenerative ability.
marking variations
1. baxic / 2. baxic(lips) / 3. ponxel / 4. ponxel(lips) / 5. endozz / 6. endozz(lips) / 7. moxyryo / 8. moxyryo(lips)
Its voice is melodic and choral, with each individual possessing its own unique pitch and cadence.
Haven't you, haven't you? Take me down, take me down, we'll go down...
environment and generation
The pinzidrote is found in a wide variety of locations, but prefers outdoor environments with level ground. It generates in groups of 3-54 individuals, with medium-sized groups being more common than larger or smaller groups. When it first appears, the pinzidrote emerges from the ground as though crawling upward from a hole, although its emergence leaves no cavity behind. It never appears within twenty feet of a sensitive individual.
Ѣ ...and from the mess, they rose. Sometimes all at once, sometimes one after another, sometimes rosing up in bursts and in waves, like raindrops on the surface on a pond.
Baz Ganges, The Glutton Surgere.
Pinzidrote appear by themselves only 0.08% of the time. After emerging, these singular pinzidrote shake in frenetic coils, and then die with a sudden exhalation.
The pinzidrote's demeanor is basic but persistent. It wriggles from place to place like an inchworm, and although its meandering paths appear random, it always stays within the group, which does not tend to disperse.ſ Individual pinzidrote are simple-natured and curious towards their surroundings, and chase insects, push their bodies beneath pieces of paper, or gnaw at and devour small pebbles. When at rest, the pinzidrote forms a small arch with its body, and up to half of a group's members remain at rest at any given time. Groups do not tend to move from where they appear.
ſ But you'll find them in really weird places, too, on top of a closed dumpster, or in a mailbox. Unless you think it's someone messing with you?
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Hey, is someone messing with me? I keep finding pinzidrotes inside the keypad box for my apartment. It's really annoying to deal with each time. So if you're messing with me, I'm gonna find out!
posted ▙▖▘▚/▟▝/▙▛@05:55PM
Are you finding more than one pinzidrote, or are you referring to a new substrain? There's no documentation on a "-drotes" suffix, as far as I am aware.
posted ▝▗▘▚/▙▖/▚▞@08:44PM
stop messing with me!!!!
posted ▞▗▞▝/▚▗/▟▗@09:12PM
ohHhhHhh i hope its a new substrain....
posted ▚▖▘▜/▖▗/▜▝@09:01PM
same man
posted ▙▛▝▘/▘▘/▗▝@03:33AM
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Although individual pinzidrote display no particular insight or intelligence, groups of pinzidrote can be observed wriggling in such a way as to form structured formations and arrangements with their bodies. Large enough groups have been shown to form pictogram-like outlines, intricate maps, or geometric diagrams. When these arrangements appear, members of a group hold their position for one to six seconds, before they squirm back into patternless noise.
The pinzidrote is quite vocal, and groups spend a majority of their time singing and repeating random or overheard phrases in a sing-song voice. Clusters of pinzidrote within a group tend to speak in unison and repeat the sounds sung by other clusters, and large enough groups echo and mutate short songs in this way for hours, and sometimes days at a time.
interactions with sensitives
Under neutral circumstances, the pinzidrote shakes and stops moving when near a sensitive. Groups will follow, however, any sensitive who repeats (either vocally, or with an instrument/recorder) the last tune vocalized by a group of pinzidrote. The pinzidrote's pursuit is slow, but continues as long as the sensitive is within range. Groups of pinzidrote even follow sensitives over hot coals and into water, despite an inability to survive these obstacles.
Although the pinzidrote is easy to avoid and possesses only limited physical strength, groups will swarm and wriggle onto a corneredȵ sensitive's body. Physical contact with this strain dries out the skin as the pinzidrote absorbs all moisture from organic tissues, with the effect growing stronger depending on the number of pinzidrote touching the sensitive. Brief contact with one pinzidrote causes slight and harmless dryness, but when a large-sized group swarms an individual, it takes less than four minutes before the sensitive's skin becomes as flaky and dry as the pinzidrote's own inner flesh, and cracks or peels off, like mud flakes at the bottom of a dried-up lake. As the pinzidrote absorbs moisture, its own inner flesh grows saturated, which can prove fatal to this unstable strain. A satiated pinzidrote flops clumsily onto the earth, water spilling from its tiny mouth.
ȵ Or, a sensitive that's been sleeping in the streets, sleeping under the sheets.
(Sleeping under the executioner's blanket.)
When a sensitive screams within the pinzidrote's effect radius, the group emits a note identical to the tone of the scream, and for the same duration, producing a morbid chorus for any dying sensitive.
you can learn more
are you having a problem with... dry skin ? ? ?
we know you've got problems... dry skin, bad complexion with acne, ashy cheeks and forehead, unsightly blemishes, flakiness, we all see it, DRY SKIN BAD COMPLEXION, why don't you find a way out?
Great for greasy pores, right? As if! More like, if you let them swarm you, I hope you're ready to feel all of the moisture get sucked out of your skin until pretty much that entire part of your body is all messed up. On the plus side, they're easy to avoid, and you can step on them with your sneakers. They'll try to follow you if you whistle their weird little song back at them, so just don't do that. And even if people say you can just put them on your pores for less than five seconds to clear up acne, don't do it, really don't listen to those people.
danger rating: don't put it on your skin
exposure to cold
The pinzidrote slows down and shivers in response to freezing temperatures, with cold weather proving fatal for this small stranger. Unlike many other temperature-sensitive strangers which huddle together for warmth or seek out sources of heat, the pinzidrote displays no such ingenuity, and, instead, displays amusement at cold windsɫ despite the inherent lethality of these gusts.
ɫ They knew how to dodge sudden changes; like croquet wickets, each and every one of the constituents lined up to make a sudden obstacle course for any currents of unrest to ribbon through. (Needing to protect their position.)
Alex Muto, The Comedy Committee.
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New industries in the developing world
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an amazing alert
SPACE! and SPACE! and SPACE! and SPACE! and
There's so many of them... and there's so much space!
▛▝ The pinzidrove, an early level strain for Zeroworld, is one of many entries informed by the writer's environmental anxiety. Regardless of whether they show up in the game's pixelated fields or the concrete-rot of VHZ, they are killed off in countless numbers in the sake of progression, with latter world's denizens noticing any latent potential much too late.
Too many mattresses? Think again!
Industry booms despite shortage of consumers ...
Failure after failure to replicate crysto-skin formula
Thousands of substrains discovered, but "pure mix" of vital chemicals remains elusive ...
aging and death
The short-lived pinzidrote grows weak as it dies, and collapses with an exhausted suspiration. Within minutes, the corpse flakes apart, like a crumbling flower. Other nearby pinzidrote bite at, and sometimes eat the shredded corpses of their companions, but consistently lose interest after several bites. The flaky innards are eventually scattered by the wind, or dissolved by water, while the skin shrinks and disappears altogether.