the Vile Kings
prefix en suffix droni
ohul himbii
7 ft, 10 in
22 ft
29,520+ lbs
size variance
core temp.
33-55 years
no. appearing
physical appearance
The endroni /ˈɛndroʊni/ is a gangly black and white stranger, identifiable by its thin stripes, dark eye markings, and long, multi-jointed arms. Although the stranger lacks a skeleton, its stringy black flesh is significantly thicker and more cartilaginous in its limbs and around its snout. Its mouth, filled with jagged and yellowed teeth, connects directly with its body cavity, filled with a tangle of entrails. These structures resemble human digestive organs, and exude a sludge corrosive enough to eat through tin.
The endroni's breath is thick and noxious, while its greasy flesh smells of tar and garbage. Despite the stranger's putrid odor and appearance, its appearance remains pristine, thanks to its smooth skin which disallows all adhesion. Even glue, mud, and wet cement slide off the frictionlessҦ exterior. When touched, however, this same "pristine" white skin exudes a thin, dark water that stains fabric, wood, and most other non-metal substances.
exciting new information
"oh! you mean...?" there's no more trash?
that's right...and it's like there was never any garbage in your home at all, and it's all "back to the way you were supposed to remember it..." ­ø Á¿¿¿ ¾ð
б Like a smoker's breaths...that's what it's always made me think of. I think you can picture them so easily, holding you down, a big hand on your chest...breathing right into you.
Ҧ Pretty in the midst of what it befouled.
"Have you seen the vile kings, who make such filth of pretty things?"
The endroni's rubbery skin and gummy flesh are resistant to heat, cold, and most abrasions. It barely recovers from physical harm, however, with a deep wound taking up to several years to heal, and with obvious deformation following severe or repeated injuries. Breaks to the arms or fingers tend to lead to the development of new joints during regrowth.
The endroni speaks with a rasp that is resonant, but not deep in pitch. It possesses no language of its own, communicating instead through short, nonsensical phrases, with a tendency towards rhyme. The endroni speaks without opening its mouth; in contrast to its smiling face, its tone is fearful and unsure.Ȥ
Ȥ As though forced to read its statements at gunpoint.
Zenno Harukatzi, Brakes.
The vile king sang slimy songs that he composed alone.
Chicks and hat tricks, Patrick's cat checks out the way the hatchets sway.
environment and generation
The endroni appears in areas of extreme filth, such as garbage dumps, junkyards, or trash-filled drainage ditches. Discarded man-made waste appears to be an absolute necessity, with crumpled deposits of plastic bags, tire-flattened boxes, and a mix of dark soil and plastic further aiding its generation. Although the strain's large size necessitates some level of space, its presence is also not unheard-of in the long-abandoned, hollowed-out homes of severe hoarders.
From a pool of gritty sludge,ʠ the endroni rises upwards in a gradual, if ghoulish rise.
ʠ Oil canisters, empty soup containers, the guts of old appliances leaking liquid, flowing up together, to fill a black pool.
Baz Ganges, Black Babel.
generative habitat notes
generation observed 25/08/04 at Zamani's Junkyard
notable factors
1. 20+ plastic garbage bags
2. spread out skeletons of four rusted cars
(all useful components stripped)
3. 7 steel pipes of varying sizes, edges crushed
4. overcast skies – just before a rainstorm
smells bad, I had to wash my clothes three times!
behaviour and effects
The endroni possesses a greedy and miserly disposition. Its gait is weary and careful, and it leaves behind wet, sludgy footprintsʇ with each step.
ʇ Their trails became easy to see; you can see the marks where they've walked over, and over, and over all of our kingdom...
The stranger's days are spent hoarding and consuming trash. Inorganic substances are preferred over organic matter, and, for the most part, the strain displays little interest in food,ξ though it always devours any animal or human corpses it finds. Consumed trash and bodies remain undigested, and are, instead, compressed and ground down against one another.
ξ Though, it might be tempted by a torn plastic wrapper. Or something that became so toxic it wasn't really "food" at all anymore. Expired...
The garbage inside the endroni's body compacts and shreds its organs, which do not appear necessary for the function of life, nor does the ingested matter itself; even a fully hollowed-out endroni displays no compromises in its behaviour.
you're doing it all wrong
stop, that's not garbage!
you're throwing money away?? we can help you reclaim lost assets, sift through rotting food and bags of styrofoam and human waste to find it, there might be bitcash, bitcash?? garbage value VALUE lots stolen garbage GARBAGE MINING
buy garbage $$ trash TRA$H
Eventually, the endroni becomes filled with splintered particleboard, broken bottles, empty crushed cans, and uncountable microfibers and sand-sized fragments. Once this point is reached, the stranger expels as much of the mix as possible, then continues feeding. It never eats the same object twice, and instead uses the regurgitated pile to reinforce the walls of its lair.
The endroni appears drawn to the color white, and handles white-colored as much as possible, losing interest once they have been stained by its oil-exuding skin. The endroni also appears interested in its own reflection, but shows no fascination in white-colored strangers.
Although the strain is fiercely territorial against others of its kind, on rare occasions, two endroni will share a territory. The pair sorts trash together, lays near one another, and stroke each others' faces.ʢ This companionship rarely lasts long however, and invariably, the larger of the two endroni kills and cannibalizes the smaller individual after several days.
ʢ That's smug, each of them trying to black out the other.
interactions with sensitives
The endroni preys on any sensitive who enters its territory. While not as robust as its appearance might imply, the stranger is stronger than most people. It uses its size to intimidate and overpower any sensitive that it encounters, then consumesƫ them whole. Its victims are impaled by sharp objects inside the endroni's body, sentenced to a slow and fetid death.
ƫ Like the rest of the trash.
The corpses of devoured sensitives dissolve to fluid within a week's time, and their liquified remains are either absorbed by the endroni's inner walls, or secreted as dark oil from its tear markings.
Despite its size and relative aggression, the endroni is conflict-averse, and avoids violent sensitives. When wounded by a sensitive, it is quick to retreat to the bowels of its den, where it tends to its injuries – stuffing them with dirt and rotting food. This behaviour does not appear to aid regrowth, and instead, causes the endroni to grow more grotesque and misshapen as its regenerating flesh envelops the foreign debris.
Do you want to end up being crushed to death with your face smashed by a bunch of old car parts and crunched-up empty energy drink cans? I didn't think so. So don't just stand there and let it start chewing on you, stand your ground! Turns out it's kind of a punk so you can just shake a stick at it, or hit it on the head a few times, and it'll leave you alone. It gets aggressive if you act meek, and this is when it gets dangerous because it is big enough to corner you, and can pin you down quite easily. Only really strong sensitives can pummel this stranger into submission! If you get eaten by it, your body turns into the fluid of its tears which is extremely weird.
danger rating: be the boss, or else!
aging and death
The endroni's flesh weakens as it ages, until the trash within its body pierces through its sides. Despite this, the strain's behaviour does not change; it continues to feed, breaking its body apart more and more. Eventually, it falls apart, and its contentsƭ spill onto the ground. In its last moments, it makes desperate attempts to push its contents back into its now ruined body, but soon slows and goes limp, dying with a grinȡ on its face.
ƭ Until they couldn't last any longer, and all that was left behind was what had been inside them. Alarm clocks... blank journals... children's shirts... empty VHS cases... refrigerator guts... tire treads... the fragments of china sets...
Baz Ganges, Black Babel.
ȡ The vile king laid down his head and decomposed alone.