strangers zeroworld
Of course there were so many of us, not so special, and among them, we rolled! With our small thoughts and our slappy bites, a sloppy twirl and slippery topple. Across the earth our tangle tumbled, and when the land scrapers came, the nothing we meant so too got ground up 'neath the gears and you cleared space and space and space and more for coldwarehouses, factories and roads. Tragic that you learned just handfuls too late how well our flayed-off crysto-skin kept food safe, since by then we'd long since been annoying enough to slurry to extinction. Oh well and goodbye from us, enjoy your rot in the thresh-hordes!
dialog unlocked
  • "Sphralhlagaladroo!"
  • "Vappavoopo, sphragrla. Sphagrago svra vvvr, vrrr. And wwwwwhoops! Vapapavoops!"
  • an irritating but catchy jingle.
  • "Vrrri! Vrrrr, vrrrr. Vrargsphra...mmmaaaaaaaaaaaa."
  • the same irritating but still catchy jingle.