the Ne'er-Do-Wells
prefix voss suffix drome
teleuntas iners
1 ft, 10 in
3 ft, 3 in
17 lbs
size variance
core temp.
7 weeks
no. appearing
physical appearance
The vossdrome /ˈvɔsdroʊm/ is a chubby, pale green stranger with four to ten thin arms, and no mouth. Like putty, the vossdrome takes several seconds to return to its original shape when pressed or pulled. This surface is warm and soft, while the dull pink inner flesh beneath is more dry and malleable. One tenth of vossdrome have a small inner body cavity filled with slimy, lukewarm grey organs, which do not radiate heat, but remain warmed by the surrounding flesh.
Like a pebble in a sock. (In a stocking?)
Almost like clay, or meat mixed with sand.
above: a range of hues.
Though the dense inner material is difficult to cut or tear, the vossdrome's surface can be parted with any knife. While the stranger's internal tissues recover from most wounds within the hour, the skin remains scarred for up to three days. It cannot be burnt.
The vossdrome's voice is humming and monotonous. It has no language, and cannot speak in words.
persistent toots and tones.
environment and generation
The vossdrome is found in a wide range of interior locations. It seems to prefer run-down locations with some human presence, and avoids entirely vacant, overgrown, or industrial areas. An abandoned (but not unvisited) auto garage, a school during summer, or the basement of a county archives building are all likely hosts for a vossdrome infestation.
Seen here, one example of typical American centrism.
Within these spaces, the vossdrome generates, out of sight, from a small and bean-like form, which grows larger over the course of several weeks. It always forms in a group, which appear either in a central pile (7% of the time) or in scattered locations throughough the environment, such as behind pipes, beneath heavy crates, inside garbage cans, or at the top of shelves.
The vossdrome is characterized by its docile and earnest disposition. It spends its days in contentment as it rocks back and forth, taps its arms on the ground, or hums to itself. Its thin arms allow for only minimal locomotion, and as such, it tends to stay within a limited area for the entirety of its life. When it does move, it scoots forward with slow but stalwart tugs, each of its efforts accompanied by a tooting vocalization. Only the rare individual expresses a toddler-like wanderlust, often to its own detriment when it finds itself stuck behind a trash can, or jammed into a tight corner.
Although it appears in groups, the strain does not engage in coordinated group activities. Its actions towards others of its kind are mostly limited to quick slaps and half-hearted picking motions. Despite seeming to lack true companionship with one another, groups nonetheless tend to stick together.
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The vossdrome displays a mild curiosity towards the objects in its immediate vicinity. It picks up and grabs lightweight items (such as crumpled up notebook pages) and waves them in the air in a motion resembling a child playing with a toy airplane, an impression strengthened by the stranger's faint humming noises. It also takes particular interest in music, and waves its arms from side to side with the beat, or hums along.
a several electrical components pulled from radios and refridgerators.
b four broken colored pencils.
c a jar marked "Material D", and filled with a dull and thick silver liquid.
d a black notebook with 日記 written on the front in white ink.
It's singing at the same time as the song, but it's not matching up with the melody. It's irritating, when you hear a group of them at once.
disdain towards animals and plants
In contrast to its otherwise placid demeanor, the vossdrome flails and hits at any animal that comes near it, and rips up plants, when able. It emits a childish and enraged grumble as long as the offending creature is around, and squeals in aggressive delight when it is able to kill a living thing.
but, it's not the only one destroying them, is it?
and, you can't do a thing to any of them.
interactions with sensitives
The vossdrome is friendly towards sensitives, and pulls itself towards anyone that encounters it. It always attempts to position itself atop the sensitive's feet, and climbs atop an individual who lays on the ground. Although it does not display overt aggression, the vossdrome is not entirely harmless. It tends to picks at exposed skin – first with small pinches, and then with more aggressive squeezing – throwing any torn-off skin or tissue to the ground with a delighted and impetuous flail. If permitted, it will even pick flesh down to the bone.
Despite this destructive behaviour, the vossdrome appears to hold great devotion towards sensitives. Any stroking or petting motion causes it to emit a rasping squeal of delight, and then tear into own body, as though unable to contain its joy.
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Due to its small size, the vossdrome is easy to lift up and carry around. It cannot right itself when placed upside-down, however, and squirms like a toddler in a tantrum until turned over by an external source, such as the haphazard push of a companion.
aging and death
As it ages, the vossdrome's tendency to pick at skin becomes directed towards itself, most often around the forehead and eyes. An aging vossdrome scratches with irritation and annoyance, and only grows more fervent in its picking, until it tears out its own body in chunks.
A vossdrome allowed to reach the end of its life always dies from self-inflicted injuries. Upon death, the corpse turns suddenly hard, before it flattens and disappears into the ground, leaving behind a thin layer of rubbery foam that any remaining companions pick at with elation.
makes a funny noise
you can stack it
I can't really relate to it
not sure of the target audience for having their skin picked to the bone
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