the Subtle Knives
prefix sim suffix droni
solis sensere ou
1 in-4 ft, 8 in
6 in-25 ft
0.5-20,000 lbs
size variance
see entry
core temp.
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no. appearing
1 (99.9%) / 2 (0.1%)
physical appearance
The simdroni /ˈsɪmdroʊni/ is a black, narrow-striped stranger with slender, pinkish hands and feet. It is smooth and somewhat warm to the touch, and a faint vibration can be felt if pressed upon firmly. The internal composition is a uniform, rubber-foamy flesh that is pure black in color. When either the skin or flesh is cut, though the simdroni does not bleed, four percent of individuals do expel a soft, nearly invisible vapor. Regeneration is slow, taking up to ten weeks for even a thin cut to heal. Although the simdroni does not scar, the white stripes are slow to reappear across once-damaged areas.
Although no particular motion is externally evident.
In accordance with its reticent, subtle nature, the simdroni is odorless, lacks a mouth, and makes no sounds at all. Further, its body displays sound-dampening properties within a range of three inches, allowing it to move silently even over carpet or nearly any other rough surface.
Except, things are going to get a lot rougher once there's not even buildings left to hide out in.
a lack of intent to vocalize.
environment and generation
The simdroni generates exclusively in single-person homes. Closed curtains, dark lighting, and quiet surroundings significantly raise the likelihood of a simdroni infestation, with frequent visitors or other social activities (such as phone calls or text-based communication) decreasing this likelihood.
a a bookshelf whose comics can't be reached without rearranging the gachapon figures posed with care.
b a drip behind the walls; constant, rarely noticed.
c a battery-operated analog clock with no batteries inside.
Within these spaces, the simdroni appears beneath couches, under tables, or behind bookcases, though the exact moment of generation cannot be observed. When it first appears, it is thin, and small enough to fit in the palm of one's hand. Growth is gradual; it may take up to ten years for a simdroni to reach full size.
behaviour and effects
The simdroni possesses a muted, subtle disposition. It spends its days at rest, and although able to move, it remains relatively sluggish and inactive during nearly all times. Any interactions with its environment are rare and random – every few weeks, for example, it might look at several book titles, turn a dining plate several degrees, or bury its fingers into the dark grey fibers of the bedroom carpeting.
a the Fantagraphics edition of Phenomenon Papers: issues #1-50.
b a well-worn copy of Xenogears Perfect Works.
c The Inaugural Collapse, by Alex Muto.
d Fantasy Encounter Games, by Herbert A. Otto.
The simdroni dislikes noise of any kind, and can even be weakened and killed by loud enough sounds. Sudden bangs, crashes, or the sound of a television being knocked over cause it to cower and raise its arms in a protective gesture, although it does not tremble, or show any other sign of overt fear. Due to this aversion to audio, the stranger, when able, silences any noise-producing objects within its territory, including radios, ticking clocks and even humming appliances. This destruction is not performed with malice or savagery – instead, the simdroni disables these objects with a careful, clinical precision.
Aside from these behaviours, the stranger's main preference is to silently observe the person with whom it co-habitates.
dampening of social function
The simdroni's presence atrophies communicative abilities in its victim, with this ability affecting both sensitives and non-sensitives alike. While at first, its victim presents as relatively normal outside the home, as time goes on, they begin to spend more and more time alone,Ͼ and these periods of silence and isolation become both longer, and more frequent.
Ͼ But when you're alone, you never feel alone.
The simdroni's body grows longer and thicker as its influence becomes more noticeable. Once the stranger's weight is greater than that of its victim, its effect turns lethal, as the affected individual loses all desire to verbally communicate, then ceases all attempts to physically communicate, as well.
As the simdroni's victim grows catatonic, the stranger begins to adopt some of their behaviours and routines. It crawls into their bed at night, paces from room to room in some diminished semblance of order, or stares at itself in the mirror each morning.
it's all just for you
so, your friends think you're antisocial.
maybe you don't need any friends?
never leave the house - find jobs online, buy food online, friends online, entertainment, fulfilling life that's safe, too!
The socially diminishing effect is irreversible, and as the simdroni grows to fill the bulk of the room, a victimized individual loses the ability to recognize, relate to, or interact with other people altogether. If the stranger's victim is not physically moved, they will wither away inside their home, sentenced to a quiet, lonely death.
interactions with sensitives
The simdroni does not react to the actions of sensitives in any particular way. It does not retaliate when attacked, except to curl up into a defensive ball or cover its eyes with its hands.
Due to the simdroni's physically harmless nature, it is not unheard of for a sensitive to tolerate its presence, seeing nothing wrong even as their communicative abilities wither away to nothing.
above: the simdromere, a substrain noted for its more mild effect, as featured in Gutters, issue #03.
Be careful if a simdroni shows up in your apartment, you should kill it right away. Don't let yourself get attached to it, this strain is deceptively dangerous and the bigger it gets, soon enough you'll stop talking to anyone until you die. You might think it's harmless but it's not your friend, a real friend would never isolate you from your loved ones!
danger rating: get rid of it ASAP
twin simdroni
The simdroni generates in a set of two 0.1% of the time. These pairs of simdroni are inert, and have no effect on people within their environment. These twins display a limited range of motions in comparison to their lone companions; they are more likely to engage in repetitive motions, and seem fixated on one another. As they grow larger, each twin grows weaker and less active, until they both stop moving and fade away.
aging and death
Though its body is hypothetically able to live for hundreds of years, the simdroni always dies once its victim dies, is killed, or is removed from the home.
The simdroni's behaviour does not change in the moments leading up to death. It instead fades away, turns transparent, then dissipates into a black, gaseous shape. This blur fades within the half-day, leaving behind a stain that resembles a human's shadow more than that of a stranger.
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