the Bombardiers
prefix iso suffix dromi
ii iiiiii-iiii-ii
23 ft
39 ft, 2 in
0 lbs
size variance
core temp.
1 hour-10 years
no. appearing
physical appearance
The isodromi /ˈaɪsəʊdroʊmi/ is a long-legged, looming, pale blue-to-grey stranger. Its form is translucent and ethereal, and glows with the luminosity of a flickering television screen. This intangible frame respects the fidelity of any surface on which the isodromi stands, and the stranger passes through walls, fences, and other solid planes with no distortion or destruction of either the object, or itself.
A small blue flame hovers above the isodromi's head, and accompanies it at all times, quivering as would the flame of a candle. Both the isodromi and its flame give the sensation of searing heat when touched, but radiate no actual warmth, and do not burn the flesh.
Its voice is throaty and echoing, and it speaks at a nearly inaudible volume heard only on the edges of the isodromi's longest breaths. It never uses words, but rather, sounds like a crowd of people crying out in terror.
It's so much like the real thing, they'll keep saying, and saying...
the hollow hang of static voices.
environment and generation
The isodromi is not specific to any environment, and instead seems to be a by-product of large scale physical or social changes within a city. Upon its generation, it is small, rounded, and legless; it remains in this neotenic stage for 0.32 seconds, after which it grows to mature size in a rapid burst accompanied by a searingф flash of light.
a the closing of the city's subway lines.
b the first bombing of Jaundice Press.
c the Blotchman's outbreak in the Ash Equity building.
ф But you can keep looking away for now, can't you?
It tends to show up in clusters of four to eight individuals, which generate in a scattered spread across a city, and do not group or converge.
generative habitat notes
generation observed 26/09/13 along Coldlake
Avenue, between Principal and Bliss St.
notable factors
1. Tuxedo® gas station (out of gas)
2. rooftop air conditioning units, securely locked
3. everybody's talking about Blotchman's!!
4. clear skies
note to self: put second giger counter in purse!
behaviour and effects upon sensitives
The isodromi's disposition is foreboding and transient. It wanders with slow, ambling steps as it makes its way through the empty streets, shopping centers, and parking lots of the city in which it appears. It reacts to nothing, and does not engage the world in any way.
Though the isodromi does not exhibit specific interest in its surroundings, its path seems roughly guided towards the closest sensitive. Its presence induces physical malaise akin to radiation poisoning, causing great harm to any sensitive that encounters it. The initial symptoms – which include headache, fever, nausea, numbness, and panic – are evident within ten to twenty minutes, with fatigue, seizures, and muscle spasms occurring soon after. While not all encounters with the isodromi prove fatal, even one hour of exposure is enough time to cause lethal injury to the human body. Once these severe effects take hold, even if medical attention is sought out, death occurs within two to seven days.
In addition to its effect upon sensitives, the isodromi's presence has a marked impact on both human and animal corpses, as well. The hair falls out or turns white, the teeth loosen, and the skin loses pigment, with this abrupt change occurring nearlyɛ instantaneously.
ɛ You'll see it, when it washes over them, like a wave...
ɛ You'll see it when the bomb touches down.
you can make it happen...
Can you think of someone you really hate?
You know you've been hurt. Don't you want to get revenge? What if you found out you could cause them seizures?? Imagine it... they'd be powerless, their own brain turning against them!
what if it really...?
no, no! radiation sickness, do i have it?
when it happens to you, know you can get the best protection, inside a bunker, with our remote doctors watching you from afar, safe as their surveillance cameras ... »
Non-sensitives, however, are only minimally effected by the isodromi's presence; any single isodromi is responsible for only a 0.4-3% rise in cancer rates within an affected city.
Do you remember all those radiation training lessons from grade school? Do you remember how bad radiation poisoning is supposed to be? Imagine that, but it's a stranger! You might think it looks pretty, but that sparkly glitter surface won't be pretty when it's making you have seizures and your skin falls off. You can't kill it either so just get far away from it and make sure you tell your friends to avoid it too.
danger rating: radiation poisoning, coming at you
aging and death
Though the isodromi is bright when it first appears, its particles decay exponentially from birth onwards. Its body grows less and less visible, and its effect, less pronounced. Once the isodromi reaches its half-life, it is nearly invisible from most angles, and its influence on sensitives is limited to temporary rashes, slight fatigue, and discomfort.
At the end of its lifespan, the final vestige of the isodromi's body blows away in the wind, leaving no trace whatsoever.
you don't dare look away
they called it "atom bomb fever"...
but that won't stop our love affair with the hottest bombs, bombshell explosions, destroyed bunkers and all-sexy «á ¡A¼ §Ú ¼´N
stop. stop. stop. stop. stop.
where have you been ? ?? where have you been ? where have you been?
we know you're there. we know you're there. we know you're there.
you want it. you can't help it.
don't you remember? we know you remember. stop. it's here. it's here. it's here. it's here. it's here.
you want it. we know you want it.
stop. it's here, forever.
we know you're there.
we can see your tears.
It's fifty percent off. It's fifty percent off. It's fifty percent off.
No more delusions. It's fifty percent off. Fifty percent off. It's fifty percent off.
forever ?? forever?? forever?? forever ?
we know. we know. we know. we know. we know. we know. we know.
forever. forever. forever.
that's so good...forever...
You want it. You want it.
It's fifty percent off, forever.
We can bathe in the shine of forever
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looks cool from a distance
trippy effect on dead bodies, there's some cool taxidermy out there
not all of us paid attention during radiation training lessons
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