the Brilliant Menders
prefix virri suffix droni
ivvvii vii viiria
1 ft, 7 in
11 ft
114 lbs
size variance
core temp.
16-19 weeks
no. appearing
physical appearance
The virridroni /ˈvɪrɪdroʊni/ is a slender, white stranger with black hands and feet, very pale stripes, and a black tail-tip. Half of all individuals present with a black snout tip, giving its markings an enclosed symmetry. Its surface is soft and smooth, and feels more like silicon than human skin, while its onyx-colored inner flesh is sinewy. The teeth, gums, and tongue are pure white, and it exudes a thick white saliva from all oral tissues. Its slick-walled mouth does not connect with its body cavity, which is filled with slippery grey intestines; all physical substances are entirely odorless. Under darkness, its body gives off a pale glow.
You wonder if it might cut you, if you ran your hands over them.
The strain displays marked vulnerability to its surroundings, with extremes of both heat and cold causing its body to soften, dissolve, and disappear. Physical injuries provoke a similar response; even slight cuts often prove swiftly fatal.
The virridroni does not speak, but during rare and serene occasions, does emit a soothing tone that is not dissimilar to a sine wave.
The water was cold inside the glass and the glass was happy on the windowsill, and with every voice, were ripples no one saw.
Zenno Harukatzi, Branches In The Room.
a series of clear and tranquil notes, each held for comfortable lengths.
environment and generation
Though the virridroni appears in a wide range of locations, it has a marked tendency towards interior locales. Its environmental preferences vary based on the time of day it appears; during daytime, it generates most specifically around open windows, white-painted bricks, and quiet overgrowth, while at night, it tends to appear in pitch-black rooms, residential areas, and indoor gardens.
The virridroni first appears in a minuscule, rounded form, which elongates and expands to reach full size within two seconds. This expansion is not accompanied by any sound, although the stranger's growth does create a faint but not unpleasant sweet smell in certain instances, in addition to a slight decrease in temperature. Groups tend to appear in sequence and in clusters, like raindrops on the surface of a pool.
You can count them, drop by drop.
behaviour and effects
The virridroni possesses a demure and sensitive disposition. Primarily a wanderer, it engages in limited actions as it moves through its environment with an arched back (head always held parallel to the ground) and a distinctive back-and-forth sway to its discreet steps – neither unsteady, nor graceless in these motions. Its tail remains at a constant height, which varies between individuals.
Observing all, but affecting little.
Like a chameleon imitating the shaking of a wind-blown leaf.
The stranger travels in long, non-looping paths throughout its environment, and, upon reaching a dead end, walks in a circular pattern and exits the area in the same direction from which it came. Though it twitches its tail tip in response to loud sounds, it displays no disquietude, otherwise.
it's all true
do you wish things could last...a little longer?
pills to bring back memories, imagine it forever, you can make it last as long as you want when you do it to your mind, you know »
Groups of virridroni sometimes gather and move together, but do not react to one another, and disperse after several miles of travel.
The presence of a virridroni causes white objects and surfaces to glow with a soft, tranquil light. This effect is limited only to pure white objects, with very light grey objects glowing only vaguely, and anything even slightly darker casting no glow at all. This effect is most noticeable in dark rooms, and affects all objects within a radius of 2.5 bodily lengths, with objects closest to the virridroni casting a brighter glow.
It's remembering the taste of milk in your mouth.
interactions with sensitives
When it encounters a sensitives, the virridroni retains its guileless disposition. It shifts towards loose curiosity – it circles the sensitive, or taps the ground around them, but does not tend to approach too closely.ʃ The virridroni's illuminating effect does not affect human beings, and as such, the teeth and whites of the eyes remain unlit.
ʃ It's not afraid, per se, but it doesn't need to go much closer.
Despite its peaceful and pleasant effects, the virridroni is unable to survive the presence of sensitives.
As it dies, the virridroni produces a quantity of fluid equivalent to 5.4 times its bodily mass. This effect always occurs after exactly 116 seconds of proximity to a sensitive, a response also triggered by any aggression.
The virridroni does not retaliate when attacked, nor does it display any apparent ill-will towards its assailant.
I counted the seconds this time as well, and, like clockwork, when 115 turned to 116 on that tiny embedded screen, it began. The movements stopped, mouth hung open. The tongue was the first thing to start dripping — it oozed white fluid, and it was thick like paint. Then, its gums started to drip, and then it trickled from pinholes on its body, and these trickles turned to streams.
It collapsed, and the writhes were silent as the whole floor was soon coated. Glowing, and not wet at all even though my fingertips made ripples on the top where I dipped them in.
It was cold, and I couldn't see the body. And when the white stopped glowing, the floor was bare.
Nu Kong, Catacollapse, issue #5.
aging and death
At the end of the virridroni's life, its body begins to fade and turn transparent, though its movement does not cease. It continues to travel as it grows less and less visible, leaving its death unseen, and with no body left behind, nothing to mourn.
adorable tiny feet
sweet, beautiful face
feels so soft, so nice to pet
you will always kill it if you try to hang out with it