the Relayers
prefix tomo suffix dari
flaggi audino
3 ft, 8 in
4 ft, 7 in
12.5 lbs
size variance
core temp.
7 years
no. appearing
see entry
physical appearance
The tomodari /toʊmoʊˈdɑːri/ is a brown and inanimate stranger with thin and slightly ridged stripes, and a solid body composed of a springy rubber substance. It almost always appears in a sitting, upright position, with a standing height of between three and four feet tall. This posture varies only slightly – 45% of tomodari hold one hand to their face, and 55% hold both. The base and tail remain affixed to the ground as though glued in place, and the stranger springs back to its original shape and position when pushed. If ripped off the ground, however, it dies instantly.
various shades
1. tom / 2. toto / 3. tomioto / 4. tomodoki / 5. dokkidok / 6. toko
The tomodari always appear in linked pairs of twins, which generate at the same time. The distance between the twins varies; some form just a few feet from one another, whereas others appear hundreds, if not thousands of feet apart. Any wounds inflicted on one tomodari manifest simultaneously on the other. Though the stranger possesses minimal regenerative ability, this rate of regrowth is so small as to be unnoticeable only over the span of several years.
But if you push one of them over, the other stays in place.
Does it seem like I'm making it talk? Is it doing anything or moving?
environment and generation
The tomodari is found in a wide range of locations, but prefers domed alcoves and other planes and voids which serve to amplify sound waves. Its generation is further aided by a constant level of low volume ambient sounds, such as a quiet alleyway around the corner from a busy square, a rooftop overlooking a schoolyard playground, or in the rafters above spacious conference halls and event centers. doesn't need much space to grow. You might find it on the top of a stack of boxes, on the decorative ledge of an office building, or atop a streetlight.
It first appears as a pair of tiny, wrinkled lumps, which expand to full size within several hours. Rarely, one or more twins appear in a spot that does not allow an expansion to full size, such as beneath floorboards, or underneath a dumpster weighted down by cans of uneaten but expired food. In these instances, neither twin generates beyond a crumpled attempt.
generative habitat notes
generation observed 25/11/09 at empty lot near old Plasmyc Chemicals building.
notable factors
1. abandoned 1983 VW Rabbit, gutted
2. dumpster filled with spraypainted or partially melted VCRs (wtf??)
3. empty metal drums
where is its other half?
behaviour and broadcasting
The tomodari possesses an even-tempered nature. It does not move, and affects its world only passively.
Each tomodari acts as a speaker to broadcast the ambient audio picks up the other twin's location, projecting this sound from its upper body in a cone of sound radiating outward from its face. The sound of a bell chimed near one tomodari twin rings out from the mouth of the other, at a volume consistent with the original sound's level of volume, and with little distortion. There is no delay in this transmission, regardless of distance.
The stranger does not perfectly broadcast human speech, however. While laughter, gasps, and wordless shouts are essentially indistinguishable from the original sound, language is distorted with varying levels of severity. The sound of a sensitive's speech, or a song on the radio, may be broadcast with a stutter, a warped tone, or a limited phonetic pattern.
a fantastic announcement
walkie talkies, these work underground!
long-distance, short range and underground, our unique two-of-a-type "wave pairing" technology allows you to stay connected, they'll know everything that happens, they'll be able to hear it when they start to get you ready for the copper ...
interactions with sensitives
The tomodari neither moves, nor modifies its broadcast when near a sensitive. When attacked or ripped from its position, it emits a brief crackling tone, as does its twin, but it does not retaliate by causing ill effects. It can be considered harmless.
a message for you
are you "crying out" in vain?
be heard now
interactions with corpses
The tomodari is near a human corpse, its twin broadcasts audio in a voice that sounds all but identical to the deceased individual's former voice. The broadcast cycles through a number of vocal patterns, including laughter, angered grumbling, wordless singing, and fearful sobbing. The tomodari does not express language. This broadcasting continues until the body is removed or decomposes to a skeletal state.
but, they're never going to find where it's hidden.
and no one's really looking, either.
what does tomorrow look like?
▘▞ Each of Zeroworld's two versions contained only the left or right half of the tomodari pair. The unpopular mechanic forced players to interact with one another to trade, but was thankfully bypassed through numerous hacks and other helpful mods.
a perfect match for you
Throwaway foam bodies...
If you can't find the other one... you can still tune into the side, jam it into the base, don't let an incomplete set go to waste!!! »
Do your words always get muddled up?
You'll never get a second more nights in anxious rumination, call our toll-free number ... and maybe you could have saved money? ¡¤ Ãö½ ¤ß ǽ
Autistic child makes friends with local pigeon
In a delightful tale of "mind over matter", two unlikely friends have succeeded against all odds, creating their very own "spin" on the classic tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. If you're willing to suspend your disbelief, you'll ...
aging and death
As it ages, the tomodari's voice begins to deviate from the ambient audio its twin picks up. Ninety-five percent of tomodari divergence from the real sounds in only minor ways. In 5% of instances, the tomodari displays much larger divergences. Both twins vibrate with daunted shivers following particularly violent outbust, but otherwise remain immobile.
Intermittent clanking, footsteps...whispers that you're not sure are there or not.
The sound of a fire bigger than Japan. Terrified screams. The fervered shouting of the angry mobs – they're starting to join together. They're looking for blood.
The stranger displays the ability to move only at the very end of its life, when each twin, in unison with the other, lowers its hands from its mouth, yanks its tail up, and curls up on the ground. As the corpse dries out over the next days to weeks, its presence causes any living tomodari within a half-mile radius to project loud, distorted sobbing, which cease once the body decomposes into fine particles.
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Tomodari above DMV - it just keeps sobbing. It's very annoying.
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list of matching pairs so far, fill in the blanks!
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warning: the Foster Ave tomo is broadcasting NSFW audio!!!!
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yo who killed the loopie bros?
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Sounds like it's started to rot...
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it was an accident so STOP harassing me!
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it's expired, but you can still eat it! and so can they...™ are you running a restaurant on a budget? we have it marked down, cans and boxes filled with food that's never been eaten... just because it's a little expired?