strangers zeroworld
tomodari R
we wouldn't give up on trying to
be this way," is what we wanted
always got muddled up, only noise &
of it than that as you threw our foam bodies
warmth. Now you'll never get a second chance
words...maybe we could have saved you...
dialog unlocked
  • "You're the oh-oh-only one here-oh, oh, who looks like a fre-fre-friend..."
  • children's laughter, the straining and clanking of playground equipment, and the honking of a horn in the distance.
  • "Let's jam this jam-jam-jam-jam thing down at the base tune-tune-jam, see if we can tune into the side of side of side of side of it at least." distorted tones and the grind of static. "Especially if we can't jam-tune-jam-tune find the other one."