Goodbye Strangers presents...
When the flood rushed over the cities, the strangers, too, found themselves a victim to its waters. As the towers sank and the hills melted down, there were those strains that survived by clinging to the sides of lifeboats or crawling onto drifting cruise ship wrecks, and there were also those that drowned beneath the waves – never to know the yank of extractions, never to be made a lifeless dumm⁠y for kaleido room thrills, never to be trademarked.
There were those who looked back on the glory days...knowing nothing of what would befall them.
00252 linnormanzi
00294 essun
01007 xoridrove
01120 norodrouve
01360 kendrizade
01400 hidekidroni
01484 xoride
01700 kendrimer
01836 drosodrove
01859 kineticontouri
01961 xoridane
02295 roumirizar
02350 mimetizade
02706 sorix
02805 shumondrin
02820 houradrez

...but these are not the only walls being broken down. Some strains resonate like tapped glass, coarsing with those mesmerizing blue hell fields. And from them, the psycholy flows free... into those lovers in the dark.
3654 moramont
3716 kattakroni
3864 joornoon
The interview room is unadorned, and windowless to the outside-world. A grated-over white holoscreen acts as the only source of light, save for the lamp that hangs from the ceiling and casts the table and its chairs in a pale and impatient pallor. The walls are scuffed in several places, and both doors have been locked. Though the chairs face each other, the doors do not, with the windowless exit to the outside world in the direct glow of the holoscreen, that now begins to flicker.
The subject sits in the chair farthest from the windowless door, their expression neutral.
the subject waits to be shown a strain from the list above.
the subject seems surprised by the image to the left.
I remember that it was interesting at the time to come up with these "cross-dispositions". I'm not sure where it was really meant to go... I'm not really sure if I have those notes anymore.
"Brazen"... that's a fun word. "Vulgar"...they're all kind of fun words. the subject smiles.