Felix Kramer
project creator, creative direction, visual design and illustration, writing and editing, web design and coding

visual, foundational, and story development, creative inspiration
The Red Module, Minuet
module lead
Primer, Module 2, Dead Cities, The Known Unknowns
visual development, illustration
various sections
various assets, writing and direction

visual, character and story development, illustrative work, concept direction
Sweeter Smoke: the Module
module lead, aesthetic direction

Carly Sorge
visual, character, and story development, project management, community support
Infrared, Sunsets 1987, Zeroworld, N1RVANA
module lead
Gutters, Eraserlist
Gutters, Hollow Crowns
primary illustrations
Matatown, Module 2, Primer, Walltown, index, and countless stand-alone sections
various illustrations

significant visual and creative development, strain design, community-building
module lead, strain designs, primary illustrations
Hello (a class module)
module concept, numerous strain designs
various sections
supplemental illustrations and pixel art
Suzanne Geary
visual development, grounding, brainstorming assistance
denamed gallery, cast images
primary illustration, pixel art
Anonymous team members
visual and creative development
various sections
supplemental illustrations and pixel art
visual, concept, and story development
Minuet, Sickos Only (valery), various sections
supplemental illustrations

additional thanks
V▞▞es▞▙ W▜▚
visual and concept development, assorted illustrations
technical support