visual, foundational, and story development, creative inspiration and commitment
The Red Module, Minuet
module lead
Primer, Module 2, Dead Cities, The Known Unknowns
visual development, illustration
various sections
various assets, writing and direction

visual, character and story development, illustrative work, concept direction, substantial patience and support
Sweeter Smoke: the Module
module lead, aesthetic direction

Carly Sorge
visual, character, and story development, project management, community support and advocacy, countless hours of emotional labor
Infrared, Sunsets 1987, Zeroworld, N1RVANA
module lead
Gutters, Eraserlist
Gutters, Hollow Crowns
primary illustrations
Matatown, Module 2, Primer, Walltown, index, and countless stand-alone sections
various illustrations

significant visual and creative development, strain design, enthusiasm and community-building
module lead, strain designs, primary illustrations
Hello (a class module)
module concept, numerous strain designs
various sections
supplemental illustrations and pixel art
visual, concept, and story development
Minuet, Sickos Only (valery), various sections
supplemental illustrations
Anonymous team members
visual and creative development, years of encouragement
various sections
supplemental illustrations and pixel art
Suzanne Geary
visual development, grounding, brainstorming assistance
denamed gallery, cast images
primary illustration, pixel art
additional thanks
V▞▞es▞▙ W▜▚
visual and concept development, assorted illustrations
technical support

"I want to issue a general warning that if you work with Felix Kramer you will most likely have a bad time. [...] I am deeply regretful and disgusted that I ever had anything to do with him. [...] Felix turned out to be awful. [...] I recommend not supporting or sharing Goodbye Strangers or any of Felix Kramer’s work."
Carly Sorge (former collaborator)
"my interactions with felix were overwhelmingly negative and overwhelmingly sex-focused. [...] he does not enjoy interacting with people in ways that do not benefit him with money, free labor, or sexual stimulation. i would advise extreme caution if you have to speak to him for any reason, but better yet, do not speak to him at all."
anonymous (former collaborator)
"Felix Kramer does not have value as a human being, and not a single word of what he attempts to communicate with Goodbye Strangers or any of his other work should ever be heard. He is a brazenly nauseating individual who has, instead of trying to do the right thing, deliberately tried to lie to, mislead, and corrupt every single person around him for perverse, sexual, and/or financial gain. Nothing he can ever do can make up for who he is at his core, and any and all future attempts to redeem himself should be immediately cast off as cheap and emotionally manipulative ploys fabricated to attract sympathy for his harmful messages. I suggest never thinking about him or Goodbye Strangers again, because he is very, very, very, very bad."
Orson Welles
Felix Kramer
project creator, creative direction, visual design and illustration, writing and editing, web design and coding