The Gutters comic began as a way to showcase possible scenes and stories that might take place within the world of Goodbye Strangers. But, can these pages cast light on the project's twisted narrative, or will they only lead you deeper astray?
On clear, blue day, a sensitive completes a seemingly impossible task, and the results of such an act shows the reason for such persistence.
A recent acolyte awakens from a long sleep, and the encounter with the madradrone, maidenbeth, reaffirms the sacraments.
A simdroni substrain's influences a sensitive's upbringing, and the origin of the artist behind Zeroworld is revealed.
After a night of fun and debauchery in the neon clubs, the morning sunrise brings a shocking awakening.
Two sensitives use their extraordinary skills to take on the authoritarian aggressors that attempt to subjugate many of North Mural's civilians.
Two sensitives explore a ramshackle warehouse, as an ambitious scientist documents the bloodthirsty experiment she has set up.
Pulled from the depths of the Terrorzone, an awkward but mutually-beneficial business exchange exposes a dissembler's crippling social anxiety.
A wrestling match between a codo and a sensitive serve to establish the latter's strength and skill, and foreshadow the story's climax.
A journey into Blue Hell forces a psychic to see the interlocking dimensions of the world, though the choices upon his return are no clearer than before.
Audiences at the Eye of Xanadu theater find themselves captivated in the show's spectacle, as a later delivery unveils the source of this mesmeric power.
A friendly present from a friend brings out the unexpectedly sentimental side of the scientific pioneer behind N1RVANA's medical breakthroughs.
The countdown strikes zero, and the Terrorista detonates her bomb in the story's explosive finale.
In this glimpse into the past, as seen through the ashes of the world's collapse, an optimistic sensitive takes a walk through North Mural and shows that all hope may not always be lost.
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