index of terms
A location with a higher than average number of strangers.
animal masks
a recurring element within the character designs, with Valeks, Meaty Mouse, and Fifi all wearing animal masks at various points.
the atomic bomb
A recurring image within the project. Prescribing to the theory that mankind's ability for abstraction was aided by ingestion of the psychedelic mushroom, the shape of the atom bomb, and its destructive annihilation, might be one way to represent an inevitable collapse of complex structure.
Blotchman's Plague
A disease affecting non-sensitives, and originating from strangers.
Any one of a number of electronic devices capable of recognizing certain ranges of thoughtform properties. First cobbled together from spare parts, and then manufactured by zone-contracted factories during the VHZ era, callyphanxes are mainly used for identifying psychics.
The high voltage and volatile substances required by the device, combined with the range at which its settings must be calibrated, means that any callyphanx can be used as a fatal weapon with almost no effort, causing massive seizures to the targeted victim.
The likelihood that a stranger will be present within a location. Even a stranger in a locked room will not always be present when the room is unlocked. In much the same way that a stranger avoids being observed by a non-sensitive, a sensitive will never observe the moment of the switch from 'present' to 'absent'.
corral-cage chutes
A VHZ-era stranger-extracting device that saw brief application. Instead of being extruded with a violent yank, strangers were "guided" through a series of partial lamination chambers before being made inert. The process had a low strain loss rate, but was prohibitively expensive.
cyclo-interference crowns
A type of puppet module used to control inert drone units during the VHZ era.
cyclo-resonant fluids
A clear-to-prismatic liquid, extracted from certain strangers. Useful for making processors and parts for kaleido-machines during the VHZ era.
A stranger's temperament type, or 'humour'.
An apparent genre of fiction. It's probably not the genre of fiction that this website belongs to.
Drone Engine
The most powerful stranger in the game Zeroworld, created by fusing the first four ("legendary") numbered strains.
drone unit
During the VHZ era, extruded and inert strangers are augmented with technology to create drone units. The stranger within a drone unit does not move on its own, but instead, is either moved via externally attached or internal animatronic machinery, or via the use of nodules which control the drone units' tissue and behaviour with electric pulses. These motions are always externally controlled – whether manually, or through the use of artificial intelligence programs.
Eraserlist (website)
A website frequented by the cast of Space Madness, and used for a wide range of social functions.
The process by which a stranger is extracted from sociospace, utilized heavily during VHZ to create the inert stranger bodies used for "drone units". (Anywhere that they can find them, they jab them and they pull it out. The white cloud expands, and the strangers within become inert.)
The extrusions cause structural damages to their surroundings, which becomes an excuse to rebuild. (There are enough materials to do it over and over, and the factories are getting large enough to make whole buildings.)
From there on, though they still a bleed when cut, or shrivel their skin when touched, but they will never resist again, or cry out.
eye markings
All strangers possess some form of eye. (The eye-emblazoned stranger becomes the spectator.) The eyes are otherwise an unexplored area of interest. (The strangers could have just as easily been categorized by "eye shape" instead of "vision types".)
The Fade
The setting of Into the Fade, and a separate dimension from that of Space Madness. Its edges scrape upon the boundaries of the North Mural's physical reality, but intersect only in piercing moments.
It shares its shape with "soft entropy", and the loss of information through subtraction, like a page left out in the sun.
the flood
An event that is heavily referenced, but not explicitly seen – the break that occurs when the structure and order of one world can no longer be sustained, and the field must be leveled by outside forces. It marks the end, and cannot be resisted.
A location where a sensitive has infamously died.
Goodbye Strangers
A website and project that references itself.
A comic created to promote the Goodbye Strangers website, as documented within the narrative of Behind the Curtain. The loose collection of scenes depict moments and vignettes from the larger world and story.
A holographic "window" that shows a view of a three-dimensional scene. The depth is more lifelike than you'd expect, but the texture has a quality that looks more like a VHS tape. The hologram is almost fully opaque, but can be disorienting to stare directly into. They're used primarily at heights of too high or obscured to allow this.
Although I.Q. (or "insensitive quality") is never strictly defined, it seems to be a linear scale by which strangers can be ranked.
The state that a stranger enters when touched by a dissembler, or extruded via outside technology, as in the drone-powered VHZ. An inert stranger cannot move, and its side-effects become reduced to levels barely more than psychosomatic, though its lifespan and passive qualities (such as regenerative abilities) are unaffected. (A functional radio does not function in an area with no radio signals.)
kaleido technology
Kaleido technology is used in tandem with television monitors, holographic projectors, and speakers (among other supplemental components) to create a virtual environment. The kaleido-machine's output responds and reacts to brain waves of individuals within its range, contrasting expectation to remain novel.
The kaleido sensors do not read thoughts, and cannot be used to force an individual to divulge specific information. They are thus considered safe technology for recreational use.
Though kaleido technology does not specifically require the use of a drone unit, there are few manmade machines that can match a drone unit's processing power and speed, and thus, the extracted strains are frequently used.
Material D
Material D, like psycholy, allows the user to interacts with adjacent dimensions. Unlike psycholy, which allows the user to directly infer outside shape and structure, Material D grants awareness (through a nauseating, dizzy sensation) of the degree of difference between two dimensions, such as how much their histories or other concrete details diverge. For example, two dimensions may both have a medieval era, but do they both have the Kennedy assassination?
By itself, Material D looks like a grey liquid-to-sludge that can be heated and cooled rapidly to create a gelatin substance. It has the effect of causing temporary suggestability and fatigue in psychics, and during the early VHZ era, is introduced into the water supply in order to suppress their abilities, thanks to Olivia North's success in lobbying and campaign financing.
mattress camps
Large-scale internment facilities, presumably set up in the wake of the Blotchman's Plague pandemic event. Although the less visceral details are unexplored, it can be assumed that the soggy, sloshing hallways of a mattress camp (where the plastic bins of used syringes are sterilized with a soak in tepid dish water) is not a place one wants to end up.
An enclosed collection of strangers, and vehicle by which to demonstrate the theme of "deformation of a system".
North Mural
The main setting of Space Madness, the city is a major hub for the East Coast non-standard community, and is home to most of the main cast. Also known as "Bliss City", it is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania, it is third largest city in the state.
The Nurenverse
Another of the creator's imaginary settings, and the backdrop for a large part of his Goodbye Strangers work. There is some overlap between the Nurenverse and the world of Goodbye Strangers through the Fade, with this liminal reality existing as a satellite of the former. The cosmology of the two worlds are otherwise largely non-compatible, with the Nurenverse being much more detatched from the specific details of our history (though the imagery is no more or less fantastical, albeit less modern).
A less expensive form of polywood that's still technically polywood. It's great to use if you want to manufacture a small object cheaply, but still use the words "genuine polywood" on the label.
playing stritch groond
A slang phrase, meaning to feign ignorance of a situation - like an "ostrich with its head in the ground."
A VHZ-era wood replacement material. It doesn't feel, or smell like wood, but it's less expensive than growing a whole tree.
A coveted breed of pet with greatly appreciating value.
The likelihood that a stranger will appear within an environment capable of generating them. It does not denote overall commonality; a strain with a prevalence of 1% and a wide range of possible environments, for example, may appear more frequently than a strain with a prevalence of 100%, but which requires a hyper-specific environment.
Psycholy, also known as 最己離 (さいこり), or psycholysergic acid diethylamide, is a psychedelic drug harvested from strangers. Mirroring the way in which strangers are generated by friction between the higher dimensions, psycholy accumulates either between, or within a stranger's various tissues as the stranger is pulled by Red and Blue Hell. Because the psycholy is not part of a stranger's body, it can be taken from sociospace without the need for a laminate.
The blue liquid acts as a powerful hallucinogen, inducing effects that are euphoric, kaleidoscopic, and long-lasting. It greatly amplifies the abilities of psychics, mediums, and other non-standards, and can help reveal new dimensions of thought for all individuals, non-sensitive or otherwise.
Long-term side-effects are subtle enough to persist unnoticed, until they become debilitating.
red milk
A white and red liquid that causes a fevered rush of energy and a loss of inhibitions. This can manifest as desperate ecstasy, or violent rage, depending on the user's state.
An indie game company – in reality, an alias for Christine Verity, the artist behind Zeroworld.
Space Madness
The centermost narrative within the world of Goodbye Strangers, depicting the city of North Mural, and the characters that live within.
A stranger's overall health and constitution. A stranger with a stability of 100% will reach its maximum lifespan 100% of the time (barring outside forces), and a stranger with a stability of 0% cannot generate at all. Strangers with high stability are less prone to illness, thrive more readily, and display a uniformity in their behaviours, whereas strangers with slow stability are shorter-lived, prone to disease, and display a greater degree of erraticism.
A natural phenomenon that take on composite, and often anthropomorphic behaviours. Although they exhibit complexity and exert both physical and mental influence upon their environment, strangers do not possess a thoughtform, and are not alive. They are invisible to most standard people, dwelling within the sociospace. Generated as a byproduct of human activity, strangers can be found in any city.
A recurring number in the world of Goodbye Strangers, as seen in the thirteen strains of each suit in Primer, thirteen hollow crowns, thirteen animal bloods, thirteen lines of the Heath & Hollow poem, thirteen gosdragons, thirteen central characters, thirteen issues of Gutters, and the thirteen zodiac signs, among others. With twelve allowing divided sets of two, three, four, and six, thirteen allows for two new sets - "parts of the set of twelve" and "lone outlier to eat set".
Vain King Louis incident
A calamity event of some kind. It involved a lot of black smoke, and things burning that should have never, ever been on fire.
VHZ (era)
A future era in which strangers are extruded and used as products, fuel sources, entertainment, or within "drone units", among other uses. Society changes rapidly and exponentially as technology develops from the strangers (which change in response, as well.)
Zeroworld (game)
A videogame created by the independent studio, sadware. The tribute to the obscure Pokémon series featured art and programming by the sensitive, Christine Verity, and writing by the psychic, Default.
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