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All natural living entities possess a thoughtform. It is the part of the self that perceives, senses, and decides, equivalent to what is typically known as "consciousness" or "free will".
But, that doesn't mean all people are the same.
The hitotype (/ˈhitotaɪp/), also 人タイプ (ひとたいぷ), denotes the specific type of human.
A standard does not have an appreciably unique internal or external experience. They are "normal", and possess a normal thoughtform.

A sensitive is a person who can enter into the sociospace to engage with the phenomenal shapes known as strangers. This trait has no genetic link, and there are no specific differences that distinguish a sensitive from a non-sensitive. Sensitivity expresses itself to varying degrees, can manifest at any age, and appears more common among minorities, outsiders, and outlier individuals within a population.
Though there is no way of estimating the number of sensitives, they can be recognized as exceedingly scarce. In some places, groups and communities of sensitives do develop – but many more go their whole lives believing themselves to be alone in their perception of reality.
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what are the different sensitive sub-types?
A dissembler is a type of sensitive that can make a stranger inert x through skin-to-skin contact. An inert stranger cannot move, nor can it inflict its influence upon the world. Dissemblers are furthermore almost completely untouched by both the positive and negative effects of roaming strangers.
x These prostrate strangers mirroring the extruded drones of the VHZ era.

A laminate is a type of sensitive whose physical touch allows them to carry dead stranger matter from the sociospace into the real world. Parts that bear resemblance to the stranger's form are less likely to survive the transition – fluids and tissues have far greater odds than heads or limbs, while a fully intact corpse would be virtually impossible to recover.

A projector is a type of sensitive whose presence can pull a stranger out of the sociospace, as long as the stranger's physical form remains unseen by a non-sensitive. In this way, they can displace a stranger's effects, channeling them into the familiar world.
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But, being a sensitive is not the only way that someone can be different.
A psychic is a person who possesses bifurcate thoughtforms, allowing them to perceive adjacent dimensions. They have unusual biology, including a cluster of nerves known as the messianic crown that grants them their abilities, as well as psychoactive tears.
Psychics are able to see strangers at all times (regardless of whether or not the connection to the sociospace is interrupted), perceiving the stranger in either a holographic or physical form.

A blank has a thoughtform that is larger than what is traditionally thought of as the body, allowing them to perceive and interact with the outside forces that share this space.

An empty is a person who has lost their thoughtform.

A medium is a person who has the capacity to see ghosts.
A ghost has a thoughtform that is differentiated from the world around it, but is not attached to a physical body. It has no ability to form memories, or perceive the physical world.
Though they do not take on a prominent role in the story, ghosts play an important part in the metaphysics of Goodbye Strangers. All human beings with thoughtforms start off as one or more ghosts, with blanks being the only exception. The ghost pairs with the physical body, this bond growing stronger as the baby person develops in utero.
Although a human and animal's thoughtforms are no different on a qualitative level, animals do not share attachment to ghosts; their thoughtform differentiates itself directly from the outside world. (The absense of this intermediary stage allows animals to remain safe from the influence of outer dimensions.)
In this way, the various nonstandard thoughtforms occupy different ranges of space, which they share with other entities.
thoughtform ranges, left to right: sensitive, psychic (blue hell aligned)
psychic (red hell aligned), blank, medium.
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