the horsen-wallsmen
prefix tru suffix zirii
yun-yoon junket
5 ft, 7 in
4 ft, 3 in
8 lbs
size variance
core temp.
6,660 years
The truzirii /tɹuˈziːɹi/ is a thin, wooden stranger𐊁 with jointed arms . ... as though made of wood.
𐊁 "Props for a war with toy soldiers." †Carline Zontaire, Mmd
... ... ... .. ... .. ... ... ... .. .. .. .. ... .. ... ... ... .. .. .. .. ... ... .... .. ... ... .. ... .. ... ... ... but not limited to attics ...
"Anywhere there were gaps – and the workers of course, of course they were getting – less precise. You'd find buildings with spaces between the walls a quarter-foot wide, half-foot wide, two feet wide... open only at the ends. Some of them took to hiding their valuables in these gaps; to enter a house, the lack of furniture would be obscene, to know it had all been placed inside the walls, instead. One building that I spent a night in had a place where someone must have taken a sledgehammer to the bedroom wall... a dozen toys were sprawled out across the wood-plank floor." †Foucher, Franklyn
The truzirii is narrow enough to fit in any gap less than an inch and a half in width. .. lives in as small a space as possible. Behind large pieces of furniture, .. .. .. but the more hidden-away .. the better. Getting inside the walls is ... . . ... ideal. The truzirii is also light-avoidant, preferring ...
Aside from this hiding behaviour, it engages in few other unprompted actions towards the world, except towards human corpses. ... . . ... .. ... and it always emerges from its hiding spot and attempts to claw these dead bodies back into its lair. Though the truzirii is sturdier and stronger than it appears, its physical form is largely ... .. unsuited towards such a task.
"Hiding them... or storing them... or censoring them right out of existence. It was getting to be the time when it didn't matter much either way." Ga, Marion. The Fickle Diaries, 12
"I was amazed that it didn't snap apart as it did what it did... it raked its hand over her face, nudged her neck, and she turned her head, the slightest angle away. It kept at this for hours. When I returned later, she'd moved only a few feet, but the beast still clawed and clawed and clawed. It had snapped one of its own fingers off, and now the broken digit lay next to her mouth. It couldn't have happened to a better person... I was glad that these things were there, to do these things for me, you know? I could have come to believe that they were enacting our bidding... " †Bunel, Jasmine
Its only social behaviour is to stand side-by-side with another of its kind when unable to find a space in which to hide (with two truzirii never sharing a space). Two truzirii move as one.𐊍
𐊍 "In the middle of that square, grey room, they rotated; ballet dancers." †Yazizi, Ignatius
... with ...
If a sensitive places a weapon on the floor, a small minority (5%) of truzirii ... come out and try to push the weapon towards the sensitive ... ... ... not ceasing, but never attacking either directly or using this implement. It speaks .. . its voice replicates the sounds the weapon might make – gunshots, knife scrapes and stabs, with some gasps that ... ...
"I broke it to splinters." Calvou, Becks. verbal statement given at time of event.
"So weak, so weak, so weak. Aware. That was what I said, whenever I met it, using one of the last words he'd taught me. バカ, バカ, バカ野郎! His words hissed from my mouth. You think that you can do this to us? You think this is enough, to just place it before us like that? If you won't do it yourself, why should I pick up the slack? His vitriol had lodged itself in the space where I'd once had molars and now I found myself nearly snarling at the beast. The sound of metal gouging into steak filled my ears. You're weak! You're weak! And now my shouting silenced all that din." †Vuillemin, Verun
"It was there amongst the tree-line, evenly between two thin saplings that grew with just a few inches' gap between them. The smallest space it was likely to find, if I remembered much about this one... I thought of shining my flashlight on it to give it a scare, but soon thought better of wasting my battery on such horseplay.
But, I couldn't be completely heartless. They'd become my friends, whether I wanted to admit it or not. I knew I couldn't leave it without a memento; so I took that letter from my pocket, placed it at its feet. As I put the letter on the ground, I noticed a name upon the back that had escaped my notice before.
I walked away, and right behind me, heard the sound of choking.
I still remembered everything it said... so if I met her, I'd know just what to tell her.
I never came back that way again."