I wasn't supposed to tell...
☆ ☆ order today! ☆ ☆
that was supposed to be special...!
felt hot to break it, let me do more... wow, and now you can't stop, thanks for making me feel like a king! ¹ ¥H « videos leaked video$ ruined®
let me guess, and you still want more?
exclusive EXCLUSIVE $$ party freaky $$money$$

☆ downsizing my collection ☆
It's true – I'm relocating, and selling some of my pets and toys. There's no marks that won't fade, and no...
do you want to know just what's happening? only premium users get to see everything...
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this stranger possesses a disposition.

bargains you can't get your hands off of
with a deal this good, everyone can make sure that by the end, there's nothing left and you'll always know what I did to you ♡
I guess it's true, what they said about you... you're way too gone to come back now! but that's okay, it's been nonstop fun °µ ¤° »