Kazma Bones
gamer bad guy
date registered
just recently
looking for
fans, followers, cuties
area of expertise
recreational use of strangers
relationship preferences
boys and girls
relationship status
single and looking
zodiac sign
favorite stranger
about me
sup i'm kazma, i like to have fun
what I'm doing with my life
i make money playing around on camera and i collect cute stuff
the first thing people usually notice about me
i'm the big dude with dyed hair and a choker whose dodomuri they're petting.
first sensitive experience
idk man i always remember seeing and playing with strangers from when i was super little so it's not clear when my very first encounter happened??? first thing i definitely remember is being like, four years old n rolling around in my basement w a big pile of merridronel
worst stranger experience
saw a couple of ganzidroni rip up a zimikitzi at that old playground two streets down from mcwexy's warehouse and that was super fucked up.
what's something most people don't know about you
i was born on an army base in west korea.

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